The Most Comida Food Truck Turns Up the Flavor

The Most Comida Food Truck Turns Up the Flavor

The Most Comida food truck brings new comfort food inspired dishes to Corpus Christi

Photography by Lillian Reitz

Food trucks are a delightful component in the culinary world, and our area continues to experience its share of growth in this industry. The tasty menu items and convenient pop-up locations around the city tend to make them favorite spots among locals. And a new truck has pulled up to serve unique, music-inspired cuisine to the Coastal Bend. 

The powerhouse duo of Adam Langenkamp and Rick Santana is bringing fresh, new menu items to the existing lineup of local mobile eateries, and their brand is soaring in popularity. After only being open for one year, The Most Comida food truck won third place in this year’s Local’s List for Best Food Truck.

The story began with two young boys watching their dads cook for their church community. They grew up with a love for cooking that eventually became their craft. Even while Langenkamp and Santana worked in other industries for years, they used everything their dads taught them to make delicious meals for their families and co-workers.

During the pandemic, Langenkamp and Santana made the most of their cooking passion. They spent more time in the kitchen experimenting with new flavor profiles, and eventually started to sell tacos from their homes. The positive community response coupled with their creativity within the culinary world led the duo to launch what they hoped would be a successful food truck. 

Although its home base is downtown at The Gold Fish, The Most Comida food truck also offers catering for private events. Check out its location schedule on Street Food Finder.

“Our style is comfort street food,” said Langenkamp. “It’s very much what we feed our families, but we ramp up the flavor.” Santana agreed, “We try to give [people] familiar flavors, served in a slightly different way.”  

Since Langenkamp and Santana sang for their church choir as kids, they felt music-inspired nicknames for their dishes would add a bit of personality to the menu items. They have put a lot of thought and care into everything they do; from the food itself to the soundtrack playing in the truck, they make their customers feel at home. 

The Rick Rolls with the Most Sauce is one of their most popular items. The meat and cheese mixture, wrapped in a tortilla then topped with salsa, is rocking tastebuds, and won’t let you down or make you cry — it’s never gonna.

Langenkamp swears by the Smash Burger. This classic fan-favorite is seared to perfection and topped with cheese, housemade pickles and house sauce — “it is super simple, but delicious, and can stand up to any burger in town,” he said.


Another specialty item guaranteed to make tastebuds dance is the Tejano Bowl, which includes garlic mashed potatoes topped with homemade carne guisada queso blanco, served with homestyle flour tortillas and salsa. The Kumbia Fries are hand cut, double fried and tossed with garlic cheddar curds, topped with carne guisada queso blanco, salsa and onions. 

Even now, the duo’s dads continue to stand by their side. Whether they’re helping out on the grill, taking customer orders or just there to hang out, Langenkamp and Santana have continued their paternal bonds as they’ve transformed their hobby into a career. 

These days, they’re enjoying having fun while doing what they love, and are especially grateful for the support they’ve received from the community. Langenkamp and Santana aren’t slowing down anytime soon, and for the sake of the Coastal Bend’s taste buds, we’re thankful for their passion and creativity.

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