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Speciality Snacks and Curated Cheeses

The Wild Goat, a cheese and charcuterie shop in Calallen, offers Texas-made artisan cheeses via its monthly subscription box

Photography by Tyler Schultz

What started in 2020 as an experiment to bring delicious cheese and charcuterie platters to locals has flourished into a growing and unrivaled business in Calallen, Texas. “My main focus is to put artisan and farmstead cheeses on my platters,” said Jaylon Welch of The Wild Goat, a food trailer now offering specialty cheese subscriptions.  

After attending Le Cordon Bleu in Austin and receiving her degree in culinary arts, Welch began working in a cut-to-order cheese shop in Fort Collins, Colorado. Quickly realizing her affinity for artisan cheeses, the wheels started turning for what would eventually be The Wild Goat. Welch began distributing cheese plates around Calallen to bring in extra income; after realizing that scaling her business would require a permitted workspace, she leaned into her desire to launch a shop. 

The Wild Goat opened in the form of a food trailer located off Northwest Boulevard. As a catalyst for Welch’s aspirations, the trailer is an extension of what deliciousness she wants to bring to the area.

“I started my business with a passion for providing artisan cheese to my customers,” said Welch. The Wild Goat does just that by providing high-quality cheese and charcuterie items via made-to-order platters and now subscription services. Welch’s artisan cheese service allows customers access to specialty cheese and other items selected by the cheesemonger herself.

“There are times when I get the opportunity to drive to the farms or creameries to pick up the cheese. That’s my favorite! If that’s not an option, then I have distributors from Houston and San Antonio that carry quality cheese,” said Welch. 

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The Wild Goat’s monthly cheese subscription box takes subscribers’ palates on a tasty peregrination with two carefully selected Texas cheeses, a charcuterie item, a jar of fruit spread and crackers. Welch emphasizes that the specialty items are hard to come by, making a subscription worthwhile. She even includes tasting notes and details about the cheese and cheesemaker for customers to enjoy the products in their box to the fullest. 

You can visit The Wild Goat on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with its offerings or sign up for a subscription via its website.  

Every month, Welch provides a variety of eclectic selections, tantalizing tastes and fantastic flavor with her cheese boxes and charcuterie platters. Her passion for supplying specialty goods to her customers provides a service unlike any other, and will continue to do so throughout the Coastal Bend and beyond.

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