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Little Bunny on the Way

By: Jo Anne Howell   Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Seasonal Bites

When planning a catering menu, the time of year should always play a factor. Incorporating seasonal elements into your spread allows for the freshest of ingredients to be used. For this event, fresh fruit, springtime salads and sandwiches, carrot cake cupcakes and custom cookies were served. 


Flowering Gifts

Party favors serve as a thoughtful way to express gratitude to your guests and provide a sweet memory from the event. Following the theme, beautifully wrapped hyacinth bulbs were given out. I always recommend coming up with a useful party favor guests will actually keep and use. 


Parting Words.

For this springtime baby shower, a theme of “bunnies in the garden” was chosen. While we originally planned to host the event outdoors, the weather had other plans, and having a strategy to move indoors is fundamental in event coordination. Luckily, Hester’s at Lamar Park has both a wonderful courtyard and dining room. Lush florals and greenery helped carry the garden theme indoors.