Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa Shares Her Go-To Beauty Routine

Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa Shares Her Go-To Beauty Routine

Dr. Cassidy Hinojosa, local plastic surgeon, mom and business owner shares her no-fail daily beauty routine, tips on taking time for yourself and finding inner beauty

Photography by Rachel Benavides

The world of plastic surgery comes with a lot of preconceived notions and biases. The media has portrayed a realm that is solely focused on beauty and aesthetics. Well, I’m here to tell you as a plastic surgeon that my outlook on beauty is much more than just what is seen by the naked eye.

I try to instill in my daughter every day that beauty comes from within, and in order to feel beautiful, you have to take some time for yourself. As a surgeon, mom and business owner, taking time for myself is hard to do because there just aren’t enough hours in the day. But, I hold on to the little things during the day that may not seem like much but really allow me to refresh and unwind. 

A hot shower at the end of the day, taking off my makeup and doing my skin care is a routine I do every night — no matter how tired I am or how late it is. There’s nothing like a hot shower or bubble bath to just wash away the worries of the day and make you feel better. 

As a plastic surgeon, the most important body part I deal with on a daily basis is the skin. I frequently tell my patients that a more youthful appearance can simply come from taking better care of our skin and really investing in what we use on our skin.

I use the ZO line of medical-grade skin care products, which I love because there are products for all skin types and needs. Even during my pregnancies and while nursing, I have found products that are safe to use and are great for my skin — even those dark spots of hyperpigmentation that occur during pregnancy.

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ZO Exfoliating Polish 

This is one of my favorite products to use first thing in the morning. This gentle exfoliator leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It also helps to wake me up on those extra-early mornings. 

Available at Coastal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center

ZO Sunscreen SPF with primer 

There are several ZO products I use on a daily basis, but this is one of my favorites. This dual action sunscreen with primer goes on smooth without an oily residue and helps my makeup not only look better, but stay on longer. I use it every morning before applying my makeup. 

Available at Coastal Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Center

Tom Ford Foundation 

When I first moved to Corpus, it was difficult to find makeup that worked with my naturally oily skin in this humidity. I finally found a foundation that looks natural and lasts all day. The Tom Ford traceless soft matte foundation has just made my skin glow. If interested, go see makeup artist extraordinaire Jacob at the Tom Ford counter in Dillard’s. He can match your skin tone to the foundation perfectly! 

Available at Dillard’s

Milk Makeup Lip + Cheek Stick

With two young kids, mornings are always a little hectic — and sometimes I’m applying makeup once I’ve gotten to work. I love this product because it goes on with just a swipe and your fingers (no brush needed), and the small size is perfect for carrying around in my bag. While this is my favorite blush product, its multi-use purpose means you can use it on your eyelids and lips, too! 

Available at Ulta 

Maybelline Super Stay 24-hour Perpetual Plum Lip Color 

As a medical professional, masks are still a part of my everyday life. It’s difficult to wear regular lipstick because of the masks, but Maybelline 24-hour lip wear is amazing. I can wear it under my mask with no smudges, and it lasts all day. Perpetual Plum is my favorite color because it’s just enough to give some color without looking overdone. 

Available at H-E-B

High heels! 

OK, OK, I realize it’s a broader category, but I love my shoes! A fun pair of high heels can spice up any outfit and make me feel confident, beautiful and ready to take on the world. I’m guilty of sometimes planning my entire outfit around my shoes. High heels can be such a statement piece for your outfit and can totally transform what you’re wearing. My favorite place to shop for high heels is DSW, because there’s great variety at a fair price point.   

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