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Jodi Hangebrauck’s Go-To Wellness Routine

The Quad Fitness Studio’s trainer shares tips on living a healthier, more mindful lifestyle

Photography by Rachel Benavides

When people approach me about getting healthier, their first instinct is to eliminate aspects out of their lives. Less carbs, less fat, less meals, less enjoyment, less slip-ups … which all equates to less freedom. The result of these unsustainable actions makes many people feel they lack the willpower to succeed. 

Well, I have good news for you! It’s not that you failed to achieve your goals; it’s the systems you had in place that failed. My approach to help my clients succeed is what I like to call the concept of addition.  It’s the outlook that improving our health should start with adding MORE into our lives, instead of having less. Making this shift allows for greater success in the long run. 

I have a few top things most people would benefit from having more of. The first being sleep. This is where the magic happens. It’s the most essential, yet most neglected component. Aim for seven to eight hours of sleep each night. Movement is another crucial component to add more of: walking, yoga, dancing, biking, swimming, strength training, cleaning, running — the possibilities are endless. Move more throughout the day in a way that you actually enjoy. 

What we put into our bodies is also important. Protein is essential for increasing lean muscle mass, recovery, bone health and the function of hormones and enzymes. To ensure adequate protein intake, make sure you have a good source of protein with each meal. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your life is also important. Don’t forget about your vitamins, minerals and fiber. And of course, we can always use more water. Our bodies need water to function optimally. A good goal is half your body weight in ounces. 

The last three things on my “more” list come more from within yourself. Consistency and patience are key. Many people start something with great intensity but fall off in a few months. I tell my clients this: I would rather you show up 3 times a week for the whole year, rather than 5 times a week every so often. Understand that change takes time and be patient with yourself. Every day takes you one step closer to where you want to be. Lastly, don’t forget to put yourself in the equation! Most of us put others first and are constantly checking things off our to-do-list. Don’t forget to fill your own cup before you pour out to others. 

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