Coastal Bend Influencer Esther Izaguirre's Beauty Routine

Coastal Bend Influencer Esther Izaguirre’s Go-To Beauty Routine

Coastal Bend influencer Esther Izaguirre on being kind to yourself through plus-size fashion, luxury footwear and hair and skin care.

Photography by Lion + Lamb Photography

Local influencer Esther Izaguirre shares her tips for walking with confidence, looking and feeling your best and most importantly, embracing beauty.

Beautiful — a word I never considered alongside my name until about three years ago. I spent 32 years believing a lie that made me think I was less important, less beautiful, less worthy than the women all around me. My faith in God taught me that all of His creatures are fearfully and wonderfully made, and when I allowed that truth to seep in, my outlook shifted. I learned to walk with confidence and be secure in the woman I am. I took myself on little shopping sprees, piecing together outfits that made me feel happy and confident. I watched makeup tutorials and invested in better makeup. I researched skincare products and became more intentional with how I applied them. 

Loving and being kind to yourself is a message I am passionate about, and often share on my social media platforms. I cherish the fact that my accounts are serving a greater purpose when women who feel uplifted and encouraged send me messages to share words of appreciation. I truly believe self-care begins with being kind and compassionate to yourself — it’s the best, and perhaps the most important step of self-care.

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Changing my mindset has not only led to positive mental health changes and happiness, it has also opened doors for opportunities and collaborations with a variety of local businesses and major brands that focus on plus-size fashion, luxury footwear and hair and skin care. Working with brands is an exciting new aspect of my social media life, which has brought on more camera time. 

It’s easy to become critical of myself, but I’ve tried to take these moments to revamp my outlook on skincare and add new products to help me look and feel my best. Here are the holy grails I can’t do without and highly recommend for not only skincare but also self-care. 

Eminence Linden Calendula Treatment

My skin has changed throughout the years and I recently discovered how dry mine had become. After using this amazing treatment as my daily moisturizer, my skin has never felt more soft, smooth, radiant, revitalized, nourished and hydrated. Shall I go on? 

Available at Skincare Butik

Eminence Eight Greens Youth Serum

My esthetician recommended this serum to combat redness, and I’ve seen a huge difference since incorporating it into my skincare regimen. In addition to reducing redness, it has also helped brighten my complexion, smooth out any texture imperfections and improve elasticity. 

Available at Skincare Butik

Eminence Charcoal Exfoliating Gel Cleanser

I was hesitant to use exfoliators because of how rough they were on my skin, but when this cleanser with charcoal, malachite gemstones and blue matcha came into my life, my hesitation vanished. I use this cleanser once or twice a week and it helps keep pores minimized and my complexion looking great. 

Available at Skincare Butik

Patchology All Eyes On You Eye Gels

This kit has been a life-saver! It comes with a variety of eye gels that help rejuvenate, illuminate and restore your undereyes. If you’re like me and love treating your eye area with extra care, these eye patches will be a favorite. 

Available online from COMMONS

Wet n Wild Retractable Brow Pencil + e.l.f Clear Brow and Lash Mascara 

My favorite dynamic duo! I love using these two products for days when I go bare-faced but still want to look polished. The brow pencil layered with the e.l.f brow gel has been a staple in my makeup routine because they help my brows look full on a friendly budget. 

Available at H-E-B

Chloé Nomade 

I can never leave the house without a dash of fragrance. This perfume has been a favorite for a few years. It’s a little soft and sweet, very subtle; perfect for everyday wear. 

Available at Nordstrom

Facials at Skincare Butik

If you’re like me and always thought facials were out of the question budget-wise, do yourself a favor and treat yourself to one. I recently started getting facials at Skincare Butik and oh my goodness, I cannot say enough good things about them. Facials help you relax and also give you professional insight and guidance on what your skin needs are and what products can help you obtain the healthy, glowy skin we all dream of. I suggest getting the Ultimate Smoothing Facial.

Practicing Gratitude 

“A grateful heart is a happy heart” is a quote I try to remember on the good days as well as the difficult ones. I understand that above anything in this life, I am blessed. Keeping that in mind always helps me get through the day.   

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