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Lindsey Pietsch’s Go-To Beauty Routine

From Pilates to enzyme cleansers, here’s how the local philanthropist and PR specialist takes time for herself

Photography by Lillian Reitz

Health and wellness has always been on my radar as a former dancer, gymnast and cheerleader.   However, it became a priority when I met my husband, who’s owned health clubs for 25+ years. When we met in 2007, as a young woman in my mid-20s coming off my “care-free years,” I was quickly, fully immersed in the exercise and nutrition industry and exposed to information I had never heard before. I started working in the industry and it was an easy transition to incorporate all the new things I was learning. Though there can be conflicting schools of thought on optimal diet and exercise programs within the industry, I’ve never been one to buy into the diet culture. Having spent a portion of my 20s in New York, I became quite the foodie, so finding a balance was and is important to me. 

 My approach to a well-balanced life is consistently moving my body, making healthy food choices and not stressing out about indulging when I choose to. I’m not attached to any specific diet and I love all sorts of cuisine. I believe in being flexible with yourself based on what your body is telling you. My family travels often, and we also love to support local restaurants, so we do the best we can with balance. Lots of veggies, proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats are typically what I shoot for when building a meal. 

 Eating for pleasure and what makes my body feel its best is the ultimate goal. As the mother of two young daughters, it is important to me that my girls see a healthy mom who doesn’t agonize over food choices or a missed workout, but who has healthy habits when it comes to nutrition and exercise. I encourage my daughters to listen to their bodies and stay active and try new things, and strive to do the same for myself.

Staying active three to five days a week is non-negotiable for me – even if it’s just a long walk. It cleanses my body of toxins, keeps my organs functioning and makes me feel like the healthiest version of myself. If I’m not regularly working out, my skin is dull, my hair grows slower and I feel sluggish. My body is also happiest when exposed to natural sunlight, so I get outside as often as I can. I see a huge difference in sleep quality, and mood. Plus, nothing beats the benefits of natural vitamin D.

Pilates and Spin Classes

I lived in New York City for four years in the early 2000s and there I discovered Pilates, which I’ve been practicing regularly ever since. I attribute my overall ability to maintain a healthy body and muscle memory, especially after two children, to my consistent Pilates practice for the past 20 years. I currently attend Bayside Pilates two to three times a week. I like to mix up my cardio but my all-time favorite is spin class.

Transderma Vitamin C

One of my daily skin regimen must-haves is vitamin C. I’ve tried tons of vitamin C products and this one from Transderma has given me the best and most consistent results for years. Transderma products are organic, pure with no additives, and come in air-tight bottles making them stable for longer periods of time. 

Available at Skincare Butik

Zo Skin Daily Defense

I love Zo Skin Daily Defense as my daily moisturizer. It protects the skin from the toxins and pollutants we come in contact with every day, strengthens the skin barrier and gives me the lighter moisture I prefer for the daytime. 

Available at Halcyon MedSpa

Kerstin Florian Enzyme Cleanser 

In the evening, I do what’s called skin cycling. I wash with a gentle enzyme cleanser by Kerstin Florian. It cleans my skin without stripping it or drying it out. After cleansing, I either exfoliate, restore or moisturize, and then repeat that cycle. I switch up my moisturizers depending on what I’m loving at the moment. There are so many good ones out there.

Available at Skincare Butik

Transderma Vitamin A

For the nights I exfoliate, I use Transderma Vitamin A. This formula removes dead skin cells and stimulates cell renewal. It also contains vitamin E to prevent it from oxidizing and help the A work deeper. 

Available at Skincare Butik

Growth Factor Serums

For restore nights, I use Zo Skin Growth Factor Serum or Osmosis Growth Factor Serum. These products promote the growth of collagen and blood vessels, assist in wound healing and improve firmness and elasticity. 

Available (in order) at Halcyon MedSpa and Skincare Butik


I’m also religious about sun protection. My go-to is SkinCeuticals Daily Brightening UV Defense Sunscreen. In addition to protecting the face from the sun, it also brightens and evens skin tone. I also love FACE Stockholm Tinted Mineral SPF Moisturizer; it’s a Swedish line that is an amazing natural brand. It gives me just the right amount of coverage and is buildable if I want more. I like to layer the two daily. 

Available (in order) at and Skincare Butik


Aside from the products I use, I try to often massage my face to get the blood flowing, even if it’s just for a minute or two a day. I see one of the lovely ladies at Skincare Butik for a facial every four to six weeks and always request they incorporate a good facial massage. As we age, I feel the tone is the most important thing to prioritize. Keeping my skin sticking to the muscle and bones is one of my primary aging gracefully goals.

I also see Heather at Halcyon MedSpa in between facials and get one of the amazing treatments offered there. My favorites are the Platelet Rich Plasma Micro-needling Facial for skin renewal and the Moxie Laser Facial to remove pigment and sun damage. I always follow her treatments up with a product called Aftercare, a post-treatment soothing cream to assist in the healing process.


I love hot baths with the incorporation of CBD to help with muscle pain relief and relaxation. Adding a CBD bath bomb from Drops of Life, which uses 100% locally and organically grown ingredients, is my go-to. Its bath bombs are made with Epsom salts, essential oils and CBD. I also love its CBD balms for aches and pains. They are crafted with organic shea butter, mango butter and bee wax, as well as essential oils. 

Available at local markets or online