Rose Soiree Offering Unique Build Your Own Bouquet Experience

Build Your Own Bouquet With Rose Soiree

Rose Soiree, a Black and woman-owned neighborhood luxury florist, spreads joy with the immersive floral experience of building your own bouquet.

LaToya Rodriguez of Rose Soiree, a unique Corpus Christi florist offers unique Build Your Own Bouquet experience.

Photography by Lillian Reitz

William Shakespeare once pondered whether a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet. Does the name of a flower befit the aromas emanating from different-hued petals? What does a particular flower say about the person buying it? What joy does it convey? The latter question was something LaToya Rodriguez, owner of Rose Soiree, was grappling with when the pandemic hit in 2020 and the city went into quarantine.

“While other retailers were worrying about toilet paper shortages, being isolated or what have you, I started making floral arrangements on my dining room table,” Rodriguez said. “I taught myself how to build a website and started delivering flowers in my car. We did curbside pop-ups and anything I could think of to bring joy to people through flowers.” Which is exactly what sparked the creation of Rose Soiree. The floral retailer opened its brick-and-mortar location later that summer and has been there ever since.

A beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers from Rose Soiree, a unique Corpus Christi florist.
In addition to its floral selections, Rose Soiree also sells its own line of signature scent candles made with organic wax, wooden wicks and 100% natural essential oil fragrance.

Rose Soiree is unlike most other flower shops in that it caters specifically to the customer. It provides a flower bar where patrons can customize bouquets and learn a thing or two about making their own arrangements. It also provides floral arranging classes so customers can use flowers as a language to connect to others and themselves.

“You can come in and build your own bouquet at our floral bar, pick up something for yourself or your loved one — and we have small gifts as well, not just flowers and plants,” Rodriguez said. “We [also] do fun things like workshops. My favorite one was probably a mindful meditation workshop. We had a therapist come in who did a guided meditation, and I taught everybody in the class how to make a bouquet. [It was] an approach to self-care by bringing plants and flowers into it. I love doing the workshops and meeting new people.”

Rose Soiree is located at 4541 Everhart Rd. Suite #2.

Due to high price points, Rodriguez found that many people who love flowers opt for picking their own over purchasing them. However, Rose Soiree aims to solve that dilemma with small bouquets for only $10. “That’s why we do things like $10 Tuesdays, so you can practice self-care, treat yourself and not break the bank,” she shared.

For those who feel apprehensive about diving into florals, Rodriguez urges them not to let that hesitancy keep them from colorful petals and wonderful smells. “Some people have a hard time [getting started], so we ask them questions, like ‘What’s your favorite color? Do you have a favorite flower? What’s the occasion for?’ We talk them through the process and we help them draw creativity out of themselves they didn’t know they had,” Rodriguez said.

Rose Soiree provides a full-service, customer-catered, one-of-a-kind floral experience in Corpus Christi. Whether you are purchasing an arrangement for a loved one or treating yourself to a tabletop bouquet, Rose Soiree is here to spread joy, one stem at a time.

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