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Corpus Christi Candy Store Making Sweet Memories

Absolutely Candy delivers tailored candy experiences like no other to Corpus Christi and beyond, making sweet memories for all.

Photography by Levi Guzman

Fonzie and Tonya Muñoz of Fonzie Muñoz Photography have dreamt of owning a candy store for the last five years. In April 2022, their photography studio caught fire, forcing them to relocate and put their idea of a new venture on hold. However, in what the Muñozes call “a blessing in disguise,” they ended up finding the perfect location to rebuild the studio — and bring their candy store dreams to life right next door through through their Corpus Christi candy store.

“The building we moved into connects the studio on one side and the candy store on the other,” said Fonzie. “The hardest part was finding a facility with a full kitchen so we didn’t have to build one out. When we walked into this space, there was a kitchen, so we said, ‘You know what? Let’s make it happen.’” 

Fonzie and Tonya Muñoz of Absolutely Candy.

The idea for the store sprouted after sourcing candy from another city to build a candy table for their daughter’s Sweet 16. Now, Absolutely Candy delivers tailored candy experiences for birthdays and weddings and everything in between. It will even host birthday parties in the store, complete with your own cotton candy machine, candy jar fill stations and candy-themed photoshoots next door. 

“[The store name] Absolutely Candy started as a joke,” Fonzie said. “My wife wanted to open a boutique and I wanted to open a candy store. She said to me, ‘Can we do both?’ and I said, ‘No, we can’t do both; it’s one or the other.’ She said, ‘Fine, if you want to do absolutely candy, we can do just that.’”

Absolutely Candy features an aesthetically pleasing wall with 120 varieties of candy to choose from.

One of the store’s specialties is creating corporate gifts, gift baskets and events. The shop recently prepared a candy buffet table for the City of Portland using 125 pounds of candy for 250 people. 

As for the retail store itself, it’s all about the experience once inside. Customers can build their own custom bag with a variety of chocolate-covered items, gummy bears, assorted jelly beans and much much more. The shop also includes a selection of treats from around the world, freeze-dried candy and an entire shelf dedicated to nostalgic sweets and sodas, such as nickel wafer bars and fruit-stripe gum.

“It makes me so happy when our parents come in; they’re like, ‘We used to eat that in high school! I hadn’t seen these in 20 years!’ That excitement is what it’s about for me,” Tonya said. “I want everybody that comes to the store to feel completely satisfied when they leave. Whether I have the candy [you’re wanting] or not, I can order it. Whether you are choosing from a candy table or a custom basket, we will help you figure it out.”

With plans to expand into Calallen and Portland, Absolutely Candy is eager to deliver sweet memories that will leave locals wanting more.

4411 S Alameda St

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