5 Best Lemonade Drinks

5 Best Lemonade Drinks

Local coffee shops, bars and pop-up lemonade stands are serving up unique iterations of this classic concoction.

The Sun Bum lemonade drink from Driftwood Coffee Company

Photo provided by Driftwood Coffee Company

From the neighborhood stands of our childhood to “grown-up” variations in the form of spiked seltzers and fancy cocktails, lemonade reigns as the official drink of summertime. Interestingly enough, winter is peak citrus season, but July temperatures require a drink that’s this tart, sweet and refreshing. Coffee shops, bars and pop-up lemonade stands are serving up unique iterations of this classic concoction. Here is a round-up of the five best local lemonade drinks to quench your thirst this summer.

Sun Bum

Driftwood Coffee Company

It’s known for its selection of specialty coffee, but don’t miss out on the seasonal beverages with house-made syrups at Driftwood Coffee Company. Its summer specialty, the Sun Bum, combines coconut and tangy pineapple juice, playfully garnished with a maraschino cherry and a parasol. This one will transport you to the beach at sunset, in flavor and in hue. 4703 S. Alameda St.

Gulf Coast Lemonade

The Gold Fish Bar

Think spiked strawberry lemonade, deconstructed, in a cocktail glass. The Gulf Coast Lemonade at The Gold Fish combines Deep Eddy Lemon, strawberries, lemon juice and simple syrup. For strawberry lovers everywhere who want an elevated, spirited version, this is the cocktail for you. 724 N. Mesquite St.

Plush Berry

Roasted Coffee Shop

The next time you stop by Roasted Coffee Shop for a caffeine beverage, consider its selection of teas, specifically the Plush Berry. The drink mixes alpine tea, which Is a combination of hibiscus, blackberry and orange peel, with strawberry lemonade for a sweet, tart and berry-licious summer beverage. 5535 Bonner Dr.

Watermelon Lemonade

Lemon Shakers

If lemonade is the official drink of summertime, watermelon has to be the official fruit, and Lemon Shakers — always using the freshest ingredients for its housemade lemonade and peak seasonal produce for its specialty flavors — is shaking up a fusion of the two. This drink is the perfect pairing of sweet and tart; sip on this while perusing the Downtown Farmers Market on Wednesday evenings. @lemonshakerss

French 75

The Post at Lamar Park

This may not be a lemonade-based drink per se, but it has the tart, slightly sweet properties found in one, leveled up quite a bit. It’s the French 75, made with gin, champagne, lemon juice and a sugar cube. Find this classic cocktail at The Post at Lamar Park alongside a curated menu of bar food and other craft cocktails. 411 Doddridge St.  #102 

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