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5 Spicy Dishes in Corpus Christi to Try

Chicken Vindaloo, hot wings, ramen and other spicy dishes in Corpus Christi to try.

a photo of a spicy dish to try, Chicken Vindaloo from Persis Indian Grill

Persis Indian Grill | Photo by Rachel Benavides

With International Hot and Spicy Food Day taking place this month (Jan. 16, to be exact), you might be looking to quite literally spice up your life. To celebrate, here’s a handful of spicy dishes to try in Corpus Christi that are sure to have your palate and tongue buzzing.

Chicken Vindaloo

Persis Indian Grill

With a rich array of spices and aromatics, any dish from Persis Indian Grill can be taken up a notch on the spice level, but the Chicken Vindaloo is a good place to start if you prefer some heat. A blend of cinnamon, clove, vinegar and garlic perfume the spicy red chili sauce and is smothered over a protein of choice and potatoes. 4650 Corona Dr.

911 Spicy Pork

Big Bowl Korean BBQ

When ordering anything off Big Bowl’s menu with “911” at the beginning of the name, you’re sure to receive a warning from the staff. However, don’t let that deter you from a seriously good meal. This dish comes with sliced pork marinated in an extremely spicy sauce atop a bed of steamed white rice and your choice of cabbage kimchi, cabbage salad with a spicy mayo dressing, macaroni salad or black beans. 6410 Weber Rd. #19

Spicy Chili Red K-Wing


Top-notch Korean wings are just one of the reasons Poki Yaki is so great. An order of the Spicy Chili Red K-wings is the perfect lunch order for those looking to heat things up. The wings, with their perfectly crisp exterior and juicy interior, are tossed in the restaurant’s signature spicy chili red sauce containing a variety of piquant flavors. 3823 S Staples St. 

Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen

Ninja Ramen and Thai

One of Ninja Ramen’s most popular menu items, the Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen is comprised of a rich base of pork bone broth, thick slices of Cahshu pork, spicy ground pork, chopped white onions, garlic chips, scallions and a soft boiled egg. You can even boost the spice level to “Thai spicy” for an extra punch. 2033 Airline Rd. #E5

Ring of Fire Roll

Island Time Sushi Bar & Seafood Grill

A spicy medley of delicious flavor, the Ring of Fire roll is an Island Time classic. Blackened tuna, cream cheese, avocado and jalapeno are tightly wrapped inside the roll with extra spicy tuna, habanero ponzu, spicy mayo, fresh serrano and sriracha on top. 4225 S Padre Island Dr.  

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