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5 Coastal Bend Deviled Eggs to Try

Panko crust, truffle oil, hot Cheetos, the dish has reinvented itself — here are 5 Coastal Bend deviled eggs to try this holiday season.

Photography by Tyler Schultz

Deviled eggs are having a moment. Yes, they’ve been around since ancient Rome. Yes, they found their way to the United States in the mid-19th century. However, today’s rendition of the old-school appetizer is no longer in a mere supporting role — it’s taking center stage. Here’s 5 Coastal Bend deviled eggs to try.

Coral Bean Cafe

Coral Bean’s take on deviled eggs comes in the form of four smoked cotija and panko-crusted eggs seasoned with a blend of house spices, topped with house-made jalapeño sauce and a creamy roasted corn filling. The garnish of lime zest, cilantro, scallions and a pepper twist helps them delight with flavor and texture. 7426 S Staples St. Ste. 107

Katz 21 Steak & Spirits

Diners can’t go wrong rounding out brunch at Katz 21 with an order of deviled eggs. Available only on Sundays, the menu item features both smoked salmon and jumbo lump crab. However, the star of the plate is the addition of black truffle, creating an umami rendition of the timeless dish. 5702 Spohn Dr.  

The Post

A brunch menu delicacy, The Post’s deviled eggs are stuffed with bacon and jalapeño. The drizzle of truffle oil acts as the perfect bow tying this gift of a dish together. The combination of simple but effective ingredients results in a perfect ensemble of flavor with a tinge of heat. 411 Doddridge St #102

495 Chesapeake Eats

The Maryland Deviled Eggs at 495 Chesapeake Eats is the perfect example of an otherwise classic dish getting a bit of a tune-up. A dash of Old Bay seasoning — composed of celery salt, red and black pepper and paprika — tops the halved eggs packed with jumbo lump crab and grilled shrimp.  1008 E North St.

Burger Beach Hideaway

Known for its signature burgers and over-the-top micheladas, Burger Beach Hideaway spices things up a bit with its Red Tide Deviled Eggs. The appetizer takes the traditional deviled egg and sprinkles Hot Cheetos on top, adding both heat and crunch. 6109 McArdle Rd.  

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