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5 Best Brussels Sprouts Dishes

Brussels Sprouts, the most dynamic cruciferous vegetable around.

Roaming Ronin's Brussels Bites, one of our 5 best Brussel Sprouts Dishes in the Coastal Bend.

Photography by Rachel Benavides at Roaming Ronin

So long to boring, flavorless, steamed Brussels sprouts dishes. This hearty vegetable has gotten a glow-up in the last few years and is now synonymous with much more flavorful adjectives like “crispy,” “sticky,” “sweet” and even “deep-fried.” Here are the five best Brussels sprouts dishes in town, sure to exceed your expectations of what this cruciferous vegetable could be.

Fried Brussels Sprouts

495 Chesapeake Eats

The chefs at 495 Chesapeake Eats put the same care into the sides as they put into the entrées. When choosing a side to pair with U-10 Sea Scallops or the Texas Wagyu Steak, consider the Fried Brussels Sprouts, coated in hot honey and topped with goat cheese. This dish will not only complement any entrée, but take it to the next level. 1008 E. North St.

Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts

Ramen Legend

The Deep-Fried Brussels Sprouts at this ramen spot take the principles of deep frying and apply them to a vegetable. The no-fuss method of dunking in hot oil until crisp and hitting them with a generous seasoning of furikake (made with toasted sesame seeds, nori, salt and sugar) while they’re still hot is simple, brilliant and bursting with flavor. 4938 S. Staples St. c16

Railroad Brussels Bowl

Railroad Brewing Co.

The next time you visit this spot for its family-style seafood platters, consider the Railroad Brussels Bowl too. Roasted to a crisp and coated in a sweet and tangy bacon glaze, this dish is warm, savory and a great counterpart to a tangy avocado salad, another must-have on the starter menu. 1214 N Chaparral St.

Crispy Brussels Sprouts

The Post at Lamar Park

Locals flock to The Post for its expansive selection of craft cocktails, bar food and — you guessed it — the crispy Brussels sprouts. Impossibly crisp with a tender interior, each piece is doused in a honey sriracha sauce for just the right amount of savory, sweet heat. According to the menu, bacon is optional, but trust us, it’s a necessity. 411 Doddridge St. #102

Brussels Bites

Roaming Ronin

This tempura dish just might be the perfect starter. The sprouts are tempura fried, topped with parmesan cheese and served with house-made spicy ninja sauce. Crispy, salty, spicy, creamy, umami … this dish has it all. Order in conjunction with other stars like the tuna tower and the Ronin Beef Bowl. 2306 Airline Rd. #104   

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