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5 Best Bread and Butter Starters

From cinnamon honey to garlic-infused, these are must-try bread and butter duos that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Bread & Butter: Crisp Chili Lime Foccacia dipped in homemade butter with balsamic and oil at Elizabeth's at the Art Museum.

Elizabeth's | Photography by Rachel Benavides

The bread and butter appetizer just might be the unsung hero of restaurants everywhere. At most establishments, it’s just a complimentary starter, placed on the table to hold you over to the next course. However, we would be remiss to not acknowledge its role as the first impression, if you will, for the rest of the dining experience.

Bread Board

Elizabeth’s at the Art Museum

Like most menu items at Elizabeth’s, the Bread Board takes a simple concept to the next level. The crisp chili-lemon focaccia is served with the softest, just on the edge of room temp, homemade butter with balsamic and oil. Consider dipping the buttered focaccia in the oil and vinegar combo for a balanced touch of acidity. 1902 N Shoreline Blvd

Yeast Rolls & Butter

Ol’ Steakhouse

Ol’ Steakhouse is a landmark steakhouse, well-loved by patrons for consistent, quality steaks and sides, but it all starts with the yeast rolls served piping hot with crisp edges and a soft interior. The homemade butter is absorbed almost instantly for the perfect bite. Pair with the crab-stuffed mushrooms and try to leave room for the 16 oz. bone-in ribeye. 4307 Avalon St

Cinnamon Honey Butter & Bread

Texas A1’s Steaks & Seafood

There is nothing like a slightly sweet start to an indulgent steakhouse dinner, and the cinnamon honey butter and bread at Texas A1’s Steaks & Seafood just might be reason enough to visit. This pairing is irresistible and the good news is you can always ask for more! 407 Cedar Dr

Honey Wheat Bread & Butter

Niko’s Steakhouse

Speaking of slightly sweet, the honey wheat bread and homemade butter at Niko’s is an excellent starter at this fine dining establishment. The dark, miniature loaf of warm honey bread is served with room temp butter with just enough salt to counter the sweetness of the bread. Pair it with other favorites like the hot lobster dip or fried mushrooms. 5409 Saratoga Blvd

Warm Bread with Garlic Herb Spread

LATITUDE 28 ° 02 ‘

Known for its impressive seafood fare and upscale atmosphere, Latitude’s warm bread with garlic herb spread is truly a treat. The bread is top notch, but the garlic herb butter compote is the star of the show. Flavored with tarragon, other herbs and garlic, the soft butter spreads effortlessly onto the warm bread. 105 N Austin St, Rockport

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