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Vintage Cuff Bracelets in the Coastal Bend

A fashionable take on a bold woman’s armor

By: Leslie Castro  Photos by: Deux Bohème

Wonder Woman. Diana Vreeland. Cleopatra. Daenerys Targaryen. 

What do these legendary women have in common? They are all icons of feminine strength, and a unique style that is all in the wrist … or both wrists, if you prefer.

Cuff bracelets invoke an undeniable vision of power, which makes sense when you consider they were once worn as actual armor to protect the wearer during battle. 

Since those practical days of leather and iron, cuffs have evolved, transformed, and emerged in a myriad of reincarnations.

From elaborate gold and precious stones worn by royalty, to Coco Chanel’s bejeweled enamel, to Elsa Peretti’s architectural silver, the materials and styles are as numerous as the arms they have adorned.

Whether you’re fierce and bold, a nouveau romantic, a minimalist, or a maximalist, you can discover a unique cuff to wear as personal armor for battle in the sartorial world.


Model: Francis Lee

Cuffs: Provided by 20/20 Vintage