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Tips for Styling Your Kitchen Island

Tips for styling your kitchen island to become a family gathering space where you'll enjoy elevated eating.

A gorgeous wooden-cabinet lined kitchen, topped with white stone countertops and beautifully styled. Here are tips on styling your kitchen island.

Photography by Rachel Benavides

Outside of its regular meal prep duties, the kitchen island serves as a communal gathering space for most families. Whether it’s the kids finishing their homework while you prepare dinner or your friends circling around the counter for an evening chat, this area of the home can be both bustling and intimate. If your kitchen island wasn’t built with barstools in mind, an island wrap is an excellent improvisation. A wrap or waterfall edge will extend one side of the island, even if just by a few inches, creating space for seating. This area of the kitchen is all about maximizing functionality while maintaining familial flow. Here are some tips on styling your kitchen island to elevate your eating.

Sit and Stay a While

Try styling your island with food items that will encourage family members or guests to hang around the counter longer.

The Break Up

If your home has an open concept, adding a runner to the perimeter of your bar stools will aid in creating the illusion of separation.

Match Game

The island is a focal point. Choose accessories and finishes that coordinate with the rest of your kitchen.

Table Dressings

Create a more refined look for special occasions by actually placing table settings at the bar.

Get the Look

Plates and glassware: Bub and Beck by Madison Taylor   |  Napkins: Chic to Chic  |  Plant, wood serving board and candle: Wildflowers

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