The Trojanettes Take on Nostalgia

The Trojanettes Take on Nostalgia

The singing group based out of Moody High School performs classics while inspiring others to let their light shine.

Photo of The Trojanettes, a singing group formed out of the Moody High School drama department

The Trojanettes' Yasmin Salgado, Bo Perez, Ayleen Perez and Brenda Garza | Photo by Shoocha Photography

Music has the uncanny ability to transport us to a different place and time, sometimes those that exist only in memory, and the musical group The Trojanettes has done just that since its inception.

The Trojanettes began as the vision of Moody High School drama director Frank Garcia for students interested in becoming well-rounded, confident performers who could sing, dance and fulfill a role all on stage. Thus the Trojanettes — in flipped-out bobs and dreamy 60s girl group regalia – were born, originally comprising alumni Marisa Garcia, Lauren Cavada and current senior Bo Pèrez.

 “There was an admin dinner that needed entertainment, and Mr. Garcia decided to put on a show that was Dreamgirls-esque,” Cavada said.

The Trojanettes soon expanded their base to events throughout the Coastal Bend, garnering new fans and Trojanette hopefuls along the way.  “My best friend Marisa asked me to accompany her to see a girl group that was performing at the mall,” said Yazmin Salgado, sophomore Trojanette. “I fell in love with it. The way they sang so freely and the way they danced without fear, I knew I wanted to join. I tried out thinking I wouldn’t make it — but to my surprise, I did!”

Citing influences from modern icons like Bruno Mars and Kali Uchis to Motown legends like the Supremes and Etta James, the Trojanettes embrace their roles as students to the craft by taking cues from all styles and genres. 

“It’s very much a retro vibe, like a sort of blast from the past for those who grew up listening to this kind of music,” Pérez said. “We sing oldies to give people a chance to reminisce and remember how they felt when they first heard the music.”

For some, influences draw closer to home — like in the case of siblings Ayleen and Bo Perez, who recall playing music with their family as an influential pastime — while for others it began at school.

Photo of The Trojanettes, a singing group formed out of the Moody High School drama department
Follow the Trojanettes on Instagram and Facebook for information about their spring tour and other upcoming performances. | Photo by Shoocha Photography

 “Garcia truly took me under his wings and taught me everything I know about my vocals today,” Marisa Garcia, founding member and Trojanette alumnus. “If it wasn’t for him believing in me and pushing me to follow my dreams, I would not be at West Texas A&M pursuing dance. He is an amazing teacher.”

 The group exists now as a legacy of sorts, with different students coming into new iterations of the Trojanettes with every school year, lending the gift of confidence in both craft and character to each new and passing Trojanette.

 “Being in the Trojanettes has helped me put myself more out there, and made me more confident in myself and singing in front of people than I was before,” Brenda Garza, a senior and current Trojanette said.

 The dream for what the Trojanettes’ and their gift of song have to lend to the community doesn’t end at graduation for many Trojanettes, who hope to see the program expand and inspire others like it.

“I hope this group becomes well known around the community, that [we] can show everyone too scared to start a music career that dreams do come true, it just takes time and dedication,” Salgado said.  

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