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The Roughian’s Homecoming

After popping into people’s homes since 2019, the supper club experience is now ready to invite people into its own “home” for dinner and brunch events

Photography by Rachel Benavides

If you hear the name Chef Natalie Trevino and your palate does a happy dance, then you’ve probably enjoyed a meal from one of The Roughian Supper Club’s uniquely themed menus. Well, we have good news: Trevino is ready to serve up something new for the Coastal Bend. 

Traditionally, The Roughian is known for its reservation-only, pop-up dinner service that brings an elevated dining experience to groups of people in locations that are only revealed the night before the event. Now, it has expanded into a space of its own, a “home” where guests can attend dinner and brunch events with a curated multi-course meal. 

In this new space, Trevino hosts supper club on Thursday and Friday evenings, and brunch on Saturday mornings. With few Saturday brunch options in Corpus Christi, this is an exciting and welcome addition. 

Stay tuned for upcoming private cooking instruction taught by Trevino. The weekday evening classes will be on a basic level for those who love to cook but want to improve their technique, or those who simply want to drink some wine, cook food, eat and enjoy!

The new space, located in the Meadowbrook Plaza, was initially purchased to meet the growing demand of dinner parties — more dinner parties meant more frequent trips to the grocery store, which limited Trevino’s ability to meet the demand. “Last Christmas, I had to say ‘no’ more than ‘yes’ because I didn’t have the physical capacity to grocery shop, pack and go to someone’s house every single day,” she recalled. This new space was intended to serve as a licensed hub to store grocery items and prepare some of the menu items, then finish the rest at the guest’s home. 

However, when she entered the space, another idea took over. The large bar was the perfect size for plating multiple meals at once, and the space was ideal for intimate gatherings. That’s when she decided she would host supper club at this location a couple of nights a week, using the same method she uses for the pop-up dinner parties. The space was perfect to meet the demand and grow her business from serving 25-50 people per week to serving 200 per week. 

The Roughian’s new space reflects an elevated dining experience, but also one that is approachable and comfortable. The ambience is achieved with dim lighting, comfortable furniture and a small, intimate setting. In addition, Trevino explained, “All the main cooking happens in the kitchen, and the large butcher block table serves as the place where we plate the food, so everyone can see the process.” 

With only 30 people per time slot, the dining experience remains distinctly intimate, as old friends reunite and new friendships are made. Guests can obtain tickets to these new supper club events the same way as the pop-up dining events; the only difference is they will know the location beforehand. 

Even though this new chapter is just beginning for The Roughian, Trevino hopes to expand her kitchen staff to offer more dinner options, lunches during the week and an all-day Saturday brunch with bottomless mimosas. With this unique twist to fine dining that Trevino has brought to the Coastal Bend, the future is looking rather tasty.  

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