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The Legacy Lives On: Bucket Works, LLC

Offering a breadth of services, including communications, community outreach, creative direction, branding, and more, Bucket Works serves Corpus Christi

Photography by Lillian Reitz

The organization was founded by their father, Jon Buquet. Jon, who worked in the advertising industry in Corpus Christi for over 40 years, began his one-man agency in a home office. Lexi came to work for her dad after college, and they picked out a downtown office space in 2007. With Lexi’s expertise, the agency was able to grow in both the services offered and its number of clients. And when D’Anne joined, she brought skill sets that created even more facets for the organization. “It became much more than a traditional advertising agency with media buying, creating campaigns and placing ads. From there, it grew into an association management company,” said Lexi. 

For many years, Bucket Works was led by Jon and his daughters, also joined by Daphne Buquet Martin as a “not-so-silent” partner. Bucket Works’ clients include some of the most well-known and recognizable brands and organizations in the Coastal Bend, such as La Palmera Mall, Rockport Center for the Arts, House of Rock, the American Advertising Federation-Corpus Christi and the Young Professionals of the Coastal Bend. It’s able to offer a breadth of services, including communications, community outreach, creative direction, branding, web design, social media marketing and management, copywriting, event planning and coordination — just to name a few.

Tragedy occurred in 2016, when Jon had a heart attack and passed away. “He left a big hole in our tiny office,” Lexi said. 

But his legacy continues every day, from his incredible family to his ever-growing business and the impact both make in our community. In fact, many clients that Jon originally brought in are still with Bucket Works today, more than 20 years later. And more than professional relationships, true partnerships and friendships have formed.

“Building and nurturing the client relationship was probably his number one priority as a business owner. It’s how we were taught.” said D’Anne. “And, after all these years, our clients feel like family.”

And, shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients, the Buquets navigated the way 2020 changed the world. “I think because of what we were taught in the beginning, it was very beneficial when it came to the pandemic and people continuing to trust us,” said D’Anne.

During the pandemic, Lexi and D’Anne pivoted, such as by beginning to host virtual events — which turned out to be some of the most successful events that several organizations had ever held. For example, they made a virtual “clay shoot” for the Rio Grande Valley, which included a prize wheel and fun items to win. It became one of many successes from Bucket Works, and another special memory for the family behind it.

When thinking back, Lexi and D’Anne are both so glad that they entered the family business. “I think we made the right decision for us. But I also think what we have is incredibly rare. The three of us had a dynamic with our father that was special,” said Lexi. The result of this family connection has been a tremendous situation for both clients and the company. And the time they spent with their father is invaluable. “I feel so grateful and blessed,” said Lexi. “And, I got to see a side of my dad that most children don’t get to see.” 

“We enjoy spending time together,” said D’Anne. “We’re able to do that, make a really cool product and have a good living.” As Lexi said, “I can genuinely say that I love who I work with.”