The Hat Bar Co. Offers One of Kind Accessories

The Hat Bar Co. Offers One of Kind Accessories

Discover The Hat Bar Co., an interactive hat boutique offering custom embellishments and a fun retail experience in the Coastal Bend

Two custom hats from The Hat Bar Co. in Corpus Christi, Texas.

The Hat Bar Co. will pop-up at The BUS Shop for Small Business Saturday. | Photo by Lillian Reitz

After finding inspiration from her daughter’s pop-up business, Ginny Moss turned her love of hats into an interactive haberdashery for everyone to share. She brings a unique retail experience to pop-up markets and private parties throughout the Coastal Bend with The Hat Bar Co.

“A few years ago, I got bored with plain ol’ hats and started dressing them up. I was putting a hat together one day and thought, ‘This is what I should do. People would love this,'” Moss said. That idea has since developed into The Hat Bar Co., operating from a refurbished two-horse trailer transformed into a snazzy hat boutique.

The Hat Bar Co. owner Ginny Moss stands in front of her Coastal Bend pop-up hat shop.
The Hat Bar Co. also offers special-sized hats for kids! Be sure to keep it in mind for your next birthday party and include guests in the hat-making fun.

Finding a style that works for you is easy with the large selection of colors and wool or felt hats the local business carries. From bands, ribbons and unique patterns to embellishments such as flowers or feathers and custom branding and burning designs, The Hat Bar Co. offers hundreds of creative ways to dress your hat. “It has been phenomenal seeing people have fun with what they create,” said Moss.

Thread sits on the table of The Hat Bar Co.'s mobile pop-up shop.
The Hat Bar Co. offers custom closet staples to the Texas Coastal Bend.

“It’s funny because people will say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, it’s taking me forever,’ and I say, ‘No, take your time. You’ll know [it’s done] when you see it.’” She always encourages her customers to start with what they are drawn to and keep changing things out until the final product feels right for them. When they see the custom-decorated hat, their eyes light up and it’s this moment of “Yes, that’s it, it’s perfect.”

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“We want to have something everybody can participate in making. People can come in and do it themselves, and they like that. It’s fun. For a while, people were really into paint parties and pottery places where you can go in and paint your pottery, and [this is kind of] the same thing.” Moss said.

From creating a custom hat at one of its many pop-ups around town to hiring the vendor for a private party, The Hat Bar Co. exists to foster creativity and fun. So whether you are looking for your next wardrobe staple or seeking out a unique activity, The Hat Bar Co. has everything you need to assemble a custom accessory to treasure for a lifetime.

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