The Gulf Stream Podcast Explores New Depths

The Gulf Stream Podcast Explores New Depths

Local podcast provides ocean knowledge to aid in coastal sustainability.

Photography Provided by The Gulf Stream

Podcasts are a popular way to stay informed on a variety of topics, and the folks at Harte Research Institute (HRI) at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are utilizing this avenue to do just that. The Gulf Stream podcast is an extension of HRI’s model, a unique interdisciplinary way of offering science-driven solutions through economic, policy and sociological expertise that help solve the challenges facing the Gulf of Mexico and create lasting solutions.

Megan Radke, communications coordinator at HRI and co-producer and host of The Gulf Stream, explained, “We wanted another medium to get the word out about what we do here at HRI, but also to inspire people to figure out ways to become more active in conservation and science.”

Featuring a diverse range of guests and thought-provoking discussions, The Gulf Stream offers insightful and engaging conversations about a wide range of issues from oceanography and marine biology to coastal conservation and sustainability. These insightful conversations allow us to appreciate the ocean and further efforts to make this world a better place to live.

When choosing their guest lineup, the team looks for individuals who have a connection to the ocean in some capacity or anyone who has general conservation or environmental concerns. “We’ve done a good job of balancing our guest lineup between our own subject matter experts within HRI and individuals that work within the community,” Radke said.

The podcast is available for listening on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, Google and YouTube.

Emily McCauley, marketing communications manager at HRI and scheduling coordinator for The Gulf Stream, added, “Some of our guests are penciled in for the rest of the year, based on the timing of things like hurricane season and Shark Week.”

Listeners shouldn’t worry about getting bogged down by scientific jargon, though. Each topic of discussion is accompanied by a line of questions carefully curated in an easily digestible manner. “I’m not a scientist. My background is in journalism and agriculture,” Radke said. “So, when I’m planning out an episode, I put myself in the chair of the listener and think of questions that would make the topic interesting, relatable and fun to the everyday listener.”

Juan Canchola, project manager at HRI and videographer for The Gulf Stream, is surprised by how quickly the podcast has grown in popularity. “It’s interesting to see the type of audience we’re building. We had a cardiologist — someone who isn’t even in our field — tell us how much they enjoyed our podcast and how happy they were to have something to listen to that is local.”

As The Gulf Stream podcast continues to provide commentary about the ocean and beyond, Canchola, Radke and the whole team at HRI hope listeners find something that spurs their interests, something they can relate to — and most importantly, something that inspires them to take action in creating a more sustainable environment.

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