Prestigious Piercing Offering Luxurious Experience

Prestigious Piercing Offers Luxurious Piercing Experience

Prestigious Piercing creates a luxury piercing experience unlike anything else in the Coastal Bend.

Photography by Levi Guzman

A luxury piercing studio here in Corpus Christi is challenging preconceived notions associated with the practice and elevating the industry standard. Prestigious Piercing is the only studio of its kind in the region. Its founder and owner, Sammi Marchese, opened the doors of Prestigious Piercing in 2013 with a drive to educate and serve her community.

At just 13, Marchese began honing her craft at her grandfather’s tattoo shop — the family business allowed the young entrepreneur to develop her skills and curiosity. “My apprenticeship was typical, especially for the time, but I needed more. I read forums, medical journals, the history of piercings and wound healing dynamics. Even my time in beauty school taught me [about piercing],” she said.

Owner Sammi Marchese of Prestigious Piercing, creates a unique luxury piercing experience, the first of its kind in the Coastal Bend.

Through years of research and practice, Marchese learned the intricacies of body piercing and infection control after noticing a need for a high-quality establishment in the Coastal Bend. “Prestigious Piercing started because I was desperate for my city to have something like the places I saw in bigger cities: gorgeous, clean, specialized in their craft with a  selection of safe jewelry,” she said.

What sets Prestigious Piercing apart from other piercing establishments? Primarily, its commitment to safety and cleanliness is unmatched. Staff follow strict sterilization protocols and use only high-quality, safe jewelry. Its team of experts takes the time to educate clients on safe practices, aftercare and healing, ensuring a positive experience from start to finish. It’s clean and contemporary, and exudes an unrivaled sense of professionalism.

Prestigious Piercing creates a unique luxury piercing experience, the first of its kind in the Coastal Bend.
Committed to cleanliness, Prestigious Piercing uses sterilized needles instead of piercing guns, all of which are single-use and are discarded in a sharps container that’s locked and mounted on the wall of the piercing room.

In addition to its emphasis on safety, Prestigious Piercing also offers an unparalleled selection of fine jewelry. The inventory is simply stunning, with unique and high-quality pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Clients can choose from various styles and materials, from classic gold and diamonds to trendy and unique pieces.

The staff take their craft seriously and it shows. It’s not just about the piercing itself; it’s the whole experience  they provide. “I develop a relationship with most of my clients. I give them all my heart and attention. Not only is what I do therapeutic, but it’s also empowering,” said Marchese. Through her dedication, Marchese has reimagined the piercing experience for her clients.

Overall, Prestigious Piercing is a shining example of how one person’s passion can elevate an entire industry. And for the residents of South Texas, it’s a much-needed oasis in a sea of piercing options.

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