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The Benefits of Assisted Stretching

The benefits of assisted stretching and what you can expect from a session at Stretch Zone.

An illustration of a group stretching. The benefits of stretching are boundless, here's what you can expect from assisted stretching at Stretch Zone Corpus Christi.

To help clients with payment support, Stretch Zone even offers HSA and FSA payment options. The first session is free, with customized recommend- ations for future sessions.

In cultures around the world, the body is viewed as a temple, requiring attention, care and maintenance. Over time, stress builds up in the body, causing muscle contraction and stagnation alongside a myriad of other issues. Stretching has aided professional athletes and ordinary individuals alike by improving body oxygenation, increasing range of motion and providing greater flexibility.   

A computer-bound life is likely to prompt the usual hip-flexor tensions, over-arching backs or painful neck strain. Hip flexors, for example, are key to the body’s central and core strength. Stagnation or inactivity in this area causes overcompensation from opposing back muscles. If too tight and contracted, fundamental issues arise, affecting essential communication between nerves and muscles.

An uptick in stress maintenance tools have arrived to aid in such issues. Stretching hubs are unfolding in the marketplace to increased growth and demand, such as Stretch Zone Corpus Christi.

Different businesses abide by their individual philosophies, techniques and styles; Stretch Zone focuses on relaxing the body to target tension release. “At the end of the day, we are retraining a [muscle] reflex to relax,” explained general manager Derek Farley.

“It’s retraining the neurology of the muscle,” he added. Neurology affects areas deep within the muscle — where stress receptors travel and communicate to and from the spine. These microcosms play a much larger role in balance, improved performance and athletic technique.

At Stretch Zone, patrons visit for weekly or bi-weekly sessions. Each person receives a customized plan based on injury, sports goals or simply regenerating aging or aching bodies and muscles. Practitioners hold backgrounds in kinesiology, sports medicine or physical therapy and attain Stretch Zone’s certified 40-hour national accreditation.

The human body has an intelligence of its own. With proper guidance through the form of stretching, we regain balance and restorative benefits. Assisted stretching improves stress release and relaxation, with the added reward of expanded muscle fibers and regenerated new cells. The goal, as they say, is to “come out feeling like a new person.”

During a session, the practitioner reviews previous injuries, pain or tension the patron is experiencing. Come prepared to discuss muscle or tendon and soft tissue concerns.

A few tips prior to your first session: Dress Comfy – Your practitioner will maneuver areas of your body in different directions. Just Breathe – A breath count with 5 seconds of inhale and exhale will improve oxygenation. Envision – Mentally focus on the targeted muscle. This helps reinforce the mind-muscle connection. Leave Stretched –  Enjoy the benefits of more limber, better-circulated muscles and tendons.

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