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How Hypebyke Helps Locals Achieve the Perfect Ride

Hypebyke introduces a pain-reduction specialist and virtual rides to improve this physical activity for all

Photography by Ben Zaragosa

Ready to hop back on that bike—or perhaps learn to pedal those wheels in a new way? The old adage “it’s as easy as riding a bike” serves true for almost every rider, even if you’ve had discomfort before. Practice and form are key to joining the cycling lifestyle, and proper bicycle fittings help decrease unnecessary pain while increasing joy on future rides. To ensure the success of incoming cyclists, Hypebyke owner Melanie Salinas has brought in a professional.

Owen Puno, PT, DBT, holds a Doctor of Physical Therapy and is now working with Hypebyke to conduct proper alignment and fittings for the local bike shop’s clients. “He brings a lot of knowledge to better modify and better fit the rider so no pain is experienced on the ride,” explained Salinas. Puno’s expertise is applied to get the body and the bicycle in sync. “It’s not supposed to hurt when you ride your bike,” she added. “It should feel euphoric.”

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes, just as riders do. The proper height, length and dimensions of each bike can help reduce pressure on the tailbone, shoulders, elbows, wrists and pelvic area — supporting long-term body alignment. The inner triangular frame of the bike determines the proper fit for each rider. Ensuring the correct distance from the pedals to the seat, as well as the seat to the handlebars, provides a guide for the feet to hip placement, as well as the torso’s alignment with the handle bars, resulting in the perfect fit for optimum performance and comfort.

In addition to the custom bike fitting services, Hypebyke features indoor bike stations in Corpus Christi’s first virtual cycling studio. “[With virtual cycling,] you are able to focus on the execution of the workout. It’s so advantageous because it’s so efficient,” explained Salinas.

The efficiency of indoor cycling continues to gain popularity with locals — steering clear of those pesky mosquitoes and humidity during the South Texas summer months. The indoor atmosphere provides riders with the ability to directly focus on achieving their daily fitness goal (i.e., completing a 60-minute ride with a specific time goal) without the stress of the road. “You get to focus on the workout versus protecting yourself,” noted Salinas.

Some potential benefits of cycling include a strengthened immune system, improved mental health from consistent exercise, decreased carbon footprint when used in place of automobiles and increased physical endurance. As spring unfolds, cycling activities become an outlet for people of all ages to improve body circulation, metabolic rate and mental clarity. With its in-house resources, Hypebyke continues to serve as a cycling incubator — cultivating new and returning riders toward a greater cycling community.

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