Storied Spaces: A Corpus Christi Home with Heart and History

Storied Spaces: A Corpus Christi Home with Heart and History

A Corpus Christi home with heart, history and a story in every corner.

Photography by Jason Page

Our hometowns always hold a special place in our hearts, and that is most certainly the case for Brittany Wendl-Aoshima and Masato Andrew Aoshima. After years of moving all over the country for medical school and residency, the Aoshimas decided to return home to Corpus Christi. 

“Masa and I both grew up in Corpus,” said Brittany.  “We were living in Fargo, North Dakota, and we knew we were going to be moving back home. Masa saw the listing for our home. The house was more pictured for the land, [and that’s what we were going to buy it for], but then realized there was a house here. It’s so tranquil. We just kind of fell in love with it. We knew it was home.”

The owners couldn’t pass up this authentic Art Nouveau glass and wrought iron chandelier they found at a store in Brooklyn. They held on to it for 10 years before finding the perfect spot for it in their new home.

After their purchase, Brittany and Masa were determined to make the house a reflection of their personality. “My biggest objective, because I mainly work from home, was that I wanted to bring the outside in — hence all the green. It’s my favorite color. I wanted to make it feel very zen and very homey, but I also wanted lots of color,” said Brittany.

Her natural sense of style and true creativity shine through every design detail in the home. Brittany, who is a real estate agent, artist and decorator, even hand-painted the faux finish and murals on the walls of the guest bedroom, office and primary bedroom. 

Masa was also involved in the home’s design. “Masa has a creative sense as well,” said Brittany. “We would go to stores, and he would say, ‘I really love this piece.’” Brittany and Masa’s many homesteads over the years had resulted in unique treasures they could eventually display in their dream home.

The antique chandelier in the dining room was their first big purchase when they were living in New York City. “We held on to that piece for 10 years. We bought it during medical school and knew it was something unique that we wouldn’t find again,” said Brittany.

The Chinese urns in the living room are from the same warehouse in Brooklyn where they bought the chandelier. Brittany found the carved green doors that frame the hallway to the bedrooms at Pickers Paradise in San Antonio, while Masa discovered the vintage Asian screen in the office at a local second-hand store.

“I always love filling the house with conversation pieces,” said Masa — a collection that includes the diver’s helmet sculpture in the kitchen. “I was very drawn to it,” he said. “It represents who we are. We take chances. We love adventure and love to travel.”

Another conversation starter is the couple’s breathtaking primary bathroom. “When we were picking out that green tile, Masa recommended that I pick the blue tile because it was safe. I’m not safe, so I picked the green,” said Brittany. The other stunning detail of the bathroom is the eye-catching floral wallpaper that covers every wall. The deep blue vanity, brass accents and striking marble tile finish off the space. These bold design decisions throughout the home have resulted in a space that is eclectic, moody, global, zen and full of heart.

This soul is felt throughout the neighborhood. “We always wanted to be a homestead for the community,” said Brittany. “When we moved in, we noticed every fence had a gate. We found out that the original owner, Marie Manning, had the tradition of welcoming neighbors to pick fruit from her trees, so we’ve continued that tradition. We wanted to bring awareness of that good sense of community and neighborhood that is still alive today.” 

Not only do the Aoshimas often welcome neighbors to their property, but they also still have a connection to the daughter of the original owner, who visits her childhood home every few months. “There’s just something about this house. Everybody comes back to visit.”

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