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Two Art Lovers’ Personal At-Home Gallery

This home’s pristine white walls are the perfect canvas for a curated art collection

Photography by Jason Page

Tucked away a block off Ocean Drive sits a home with an art collection fit for the Art Museum of South Texas. The modern farmhouse owned by Jordan and Austin Anderson was built with intention. 

“We wanted something that was bright, white and open, and space was important to us,” said Jordan. “We wanted to have different spaces for different things. We also have a lot of white walls in our house, and we knew very well that we wanted to display things on them.” 

The Andersons are true art lovers. Despite not being artists themselves, they have impeccable taste and keen eyes. “I love the art in our home,” said Jordan. “There are pieces in here that we’ve had since we were first married, and now we’ve gotten more focused on what we want to hang in our home.” 

The design of the home, completed just before the pandemic in early 2020, was done with deliberation. Working closely with designer and longtime friend Christina Cole, the Andersons conceptualized a light and airy home with a neutral palette, clean, classic lines, layered organic texture and primitive details. 

Many elements in the space take a note from the Japanese design principle of Wabi-Sabi, which is the notion of finding beauty in the imperfect. A dining centerpiece of unique, hand-made ceramics effortlessly fits this principle.

The enormous kitchen with its chunky oak beams, handmade Moroccan zellige tile backsplash and mix of oak and white high-gloss cabinetry is a striking balance of contemporary minimalism and old-world charm. The open kitchen flows seamlessly into the dining space, which is complete with picture windows and a statuesque ficus tree.  

Each room in the Andersons’ home has a distinct purpose. “It was important for us to have places for people to go, and do and be.” The family room with its dark blue walls and ceiling, custom bookcase and pillowy sectional is the perfect spot for a movie night, while the bar and surrounding sitting area is the family’s go-to for viewing football games. The bar also features a custom blue velvet banquette with a curated gallery wall above. This gallery has a fun mix of notable art pieces and collected sentimental details. A Point Reyes poster is right at home next to Lisa Olsen oil paintings. 

A hallway can be more than a pass-through. It is an ideal opportunity to add personality and connect two spaces by displaying large, colorful works of art.

The formal living room on the other end of the home features two of the Andersons’ favorite art pieces, one being a true piece of Corpus Christi history. “‘Leviathan’ was a giant part of my childhood because it lived in Crystal’s Confectionary when I was a kid,” says Jordan. “As strange as he is, he always seems to find a perfect spot. Big house or small house, he’s always had a home.” 

On the other end of the room hangs Jordan’s “biggest love,” an original Dorothy Hood. “The only reason I know about her is because of my affiliation with the Art Museum of South Texas. The museum has the largest holding of Hood in the world. She’s an amazing force of a human. That piece is my pride and joy in the house.”

The Andersons are on the Chairman’s Circle for AMST, and this involvement has given them profound knowledge of the art world. “Over the years, we’ve acquired fun pieces at Art Ball through the auction.” The Andersons’ growing collection includes art by world-renowned as well as local artists. 

When asked if she considers herself an artist, Jordan scoffs that she’s the farthest thing from one. However, I beg to differ. An artist by definition is someone with the ability to articulate their inner voice through art and storytelling about their personal experiences, and the Andersons have shown their personal artistry through the design of their soulful and curated home.