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Smoked Barbacoa with Omar Arellano of Comida Radio

The perfect Sunday recipe with Comida Radio and a playlist to pair

Recipe and Photos: Omar Arellano

This week’s Sunday Best newsletter features a great recipe to share with the family. Omar Arellano perfected his smoked barbacoa for us and even created a playlist to pair with it. The only thing that could possibly make this experience better is an ice cold Big Red in hand. Try it yourself and tag Omar (@comidaradio) and The Bend Magazine (@thebendmag)  so we can see how you’re enjoying the recipe. Happy eating! 


Smoked Barbacoa

4lbs beef cheeks
2 onions sliced
1 bulb of garlic
1 quart beef stock
Chupacabra seasoning blend
Salt and pepper to taste


BBQ pit
Coals / preferred wood of choice
Dutch oven
Aluminum foil
How to:
  1. Add a thick layer of aluminum foil to the bottom of your Dutch oven, at least 6 layers of foil. Be sure to cover the entire space your beef cheeks will fill.
  2. In your Dutch oven, place the onions and garlic on the bottom. Add the beefs cheeks on top of that then cover with 2 cups of beef stock
  3. Heat your BBQ pit to 300 degrees and then place your Dutch oven uncovered on indirect heat for 1 hour
  4. Add an additional 2 cups of beef stock to the Dutch oven then cover. Next, surround your Dutch oven with hot coals and leave for 3 hours
  5. Once done, let your meat rest for 30 minutes, pull and enjoy