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7 Local Podcasts to Get You Through Traffic Hour

Podcasts so good you might want to sit in your car even after you've arrived at your destination to finish the episode

By: Jessie Chrobocinski   Photo: Rachel Benavides, featuring Beer and a Movie

Commuting is different for everyone. For some, it’s a short and sweet walk from the bedroom to your desk. For others, it is a dreaded traffic-brimmed drive. Regardless, an excellent podcast for a short or long commute can make travel worthwhile. Some may even tempt you to drive around the block one more time. These are some of the local favorites that are sure to make any commute more bearable and, dare we say, enjoyable. 


Sew Taco

Gerald and Elena Flores run Sew Bonita and Taco Gear. She sews, he eats tacos, and they both teem with creativity. However, this podcast has wished its listeners a farewell. It’s just that good to go back and listen to again. The power couple dishes out all that goes into running their successful brands by sharing stories, memories, challenges, and sometimes, anything that comes to mind. 

Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi

Leading Ladies of Corpus Christi hosts smart conversations about strong women leaders, entrepreneurs, and pioneers here in the Coastal Bend. With over a hundred episodes to listen to, it’s impossible to listen to this podcast and not get excited about living here while learning about the inspiration and backgrounds of the leaders of Corpus Christi. 

Beer and a Movie

Beer and a Movie is a staple of local podcasts — especially for film buffs and brew aficionados. An hour of insightful conversations with Joe Hilliard, Ethan Thompson, David Gurney, and Carlos Cooper, this podcast blends informative and opinionated critiques of film classics and new releases. Beware of spoilers, though! Listen on Spotify, Player FM, or iTunes. 

The Ruthless Villains

Luis Esoteric and Jaime Garcia give their positive recommendations for film, television, books, music, and comics and occasionally interview creatives about how they got into their artwork and their current projects. Filled with interesting topics and great conversation, give The Ruthless Villains a try on your next ride home.  

The Local Influencers

Get into a healthy headspace to be your best at work and in life with The Local Influencers (TLI), a weekly podcast that features Coastal Bend small business owners, entrepreneurs, content creators, entertainers, non-profits, and more. Find it on your favorite podcast platform.

World’s Greatest Complainer

Get your day going with a comedy podcast for “complainers by complainers.” The World’s Greatest Complainer hosts Jeremy Eavor Melendez and Clint Gonzalez take you through local comedy, random topics, and humourous complaining. 

Dinner Table Talks

A lifestyle and foodie podcast to fall in love with, partners Aislynn Campbell and Joe Hilliard discuss life, love, family, food, and just about everything else in their podcast Dinner Table Talks. Pull up a chair to the dining table (so to speak) and open your mind to the life-enriching conversation.