Now Experiencing: Corpus Christi Skincare Treatments

Now Experiencing: Corpus Christi Skincare Treatments

With a plethora of Corpus Christi skincare treatments to choose from, we sent two of our contributors out for consultations and treatment to learn more about taking care of your skin

The world of skincare is vast. Our skin is the largest organ in our body and finding a treatment that is right for you can certainly be a challenge. We sent a couple of our team members out to consult with two very different local businesses offering a range of specialized skincare treatments. The consultations with the professionals in these respective fields led them to find a treatment that was suited to their individual needs based on their own unique skin types and textures.

Diamond Glow and Dermaplaning at Aspire Aesthetics & Wellness Clinic: As someone with very sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, I am always extremely hesitant to undergo any sort of invasive skin treatment. Even exfoliating treatments feel like a risk at times. However, the Diamond Glow treatment with Dermaplaning seemed like a minimally invasive way to achieve the reset my skin was needing. After a consultation with founder and Nurse Practitioner Margo Gonzalez-Hussey at Aspire, we decided it would be a good first step into the world of medical-grade skincare treatments. 

Arielle Flores, one of the RNs at Aspire, began with an assessment of my skin. She started with a quick dermaplaning treatment by using a scalpel-like instrument to remove dead skin and vellus hair from my face. Then, the Diamond Glow treatment used a patented wand with a recessed diamond tip that exfoliates to uncover renewed skin, extract and remove debris from pores and infuse the skin with a series of serums. As she administered the treatment, I could literally feel my skin being rejuvenated. Once the treatment was complete, the results were instant. Since receiving the treatment, my skin is the softest it’s ever been. With a layer of dead skin gone, I’ve noticed how much more my moisturizers and SPF products have fully absorbed into my skin. I’ve also noticed a significant increase in the brightness of my skin. 

I highly recommend this treatment if, like me, you are looking for a minimally invasive, medical-grade skin refresh as we go into these cooler and drier winter months. I fully believe that my skin will be more hydrated and healthier overall due to this treatment. 

The team at Aspire is made up of registered nurses and nurse practitioners who deliver only the highest quality, medical-grade skin treatments. They are highly educated in the world of skincare, and are sure to consult with you about your skincare needs in order to recommend the treatment that’s right for you.”

Alexa Rodriguez, Managing Editor


“Microneedling at TÓRA Skin + Wellness:  When you cross the threshold of TÓRA Skin + Wellness on the main street of Rockport, you immediately feel as if you can slow down and be present. Clean linen walls, intentionally aligned products grouped into wellness categories and purposeful decor line the spacious foyer, which leads into a hallway of treatment rooms. 

The owner and visionary, Carissa, aims to provide whole-body wellness and healing in combination with traditional med spa skin services. Carissa is educated and passionate about skincare and providing clients with long-term solutions to get desired results. She believes that skin health starts from within, and has created TÓRA for this purpose. 

Unique to TÓRA is the blending of holistic and current skin care practices—it uses singing bowls, vibrational sound therapy, essential oils and other alternative healing and wellness practices alongside traditional services like facials and chemical peels. 

I received a microneedling treatment, which left my skin feeling refreshed and bright. Carissa spent significant time doing lymphatic drainage face massage, which not only felt incredibly relaxing, but brought blood flow and restoration to the 40-plus muscles in the face. The microneedling treatment then included controlled induction of the skin’s self-repair process by creating precise micro-injuries in the skin, which triggers new collagen and elastin synthesis. Carissa intentionally explained what she would be using or doing during my treatments and was available for questions. 

I highly recommend TÓRA for a range of skincare treatments with an educated skincare consultant who loves what she does.”

Suzette James, Contributor

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