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Now Experiencing: Corpus Christi Massages

Whether to heal an injury, relieve pain or even prevent illness, we sent three of our team members out to experience Corpus Christi massages and here's what they have to say.

With hundreds of techniques to explore, massage therapy is typically used to aid in the healing of injuries, relieve pain and even prevent illness. However, depending on your particular life experience, massage therapy regimens are not necessarily one size fits all. We sent three of our team members out to consult with and receive treatments tailored to their specific life experiences in hopes of  inspiring readers to use massage therapy to promote physical and mental well being.

“If you’re not someone who gets massages consistently just for relaxtion, I can’t stress enough how beneficial it is to have a consultation prior. With the nature of my job, I am sitting at a computer the majority of the work day. This causes me to carry most of my tension and stress in my neck, spine and back. After relaying this information to Jynelle Ornelas, LMT, owner of Peace of Mind Massage Therapy & Natural Healing, she opted to administer a medical massage to address my problem areas in addition to full-body relaxation. 

The ambience in the room was superb, with zen music, dim lighting and multiple water features to enhance the experience. To begin, I laid down on arguably the most lush, comfortable massage table I’ve ever experienced – it even had a vibration setting. The massage started with a detoxifying foot spray and light aromatherapy followed by a full-body lymphatic massage and muscle work. A highlight for me was the Himalayan Salt Stone Massage, similar to a hot stone massage but with exceedingly higher benefits from the minerals absorbing into the body. During this session I reached a level of deep relaxtion that legit shocked me, as I realized I don’t recall ever feeling this centered and at peace. Would highly recommend checking out their array of unique services.”

Jarred Schuetze, Art Director

“Massages are one of those luxuries I seldom afford myself, even though every time I do treat myself to one, I leave feeling as though my life has been changed. Speaking of life-changing, I had my first baby in March of this year, and the physical and emotional postpartum experience is one that is not discussed or cared for enough. Naturally, when I learned about The Arvigo Technique at Empower Wellness and its purpose to alleviate congestion in the abdomen and pelvis and return organs to their proper place, I knew I had to try it. 

Prior to my appointment, I was sent an intake form with questions ranging from medical history to self reflection. Amanda Gomez conducted a consultation where we explored my recent birth experience and reasoning for seeking out therapy. She then began the Traditional Maya Abdominal Therapy with a series of abdominal and sacral manipulations to address tension, decongest and realign vital organs. After the massage, Gomez gave me an abdominal massage regimen to be able to continue therapy at home. 

I can truly say that a step has been taken in my overall postpartum wellness after my experience with The Arvigo Technique. However, I would highly recommend it no matter what stage of life you may find yourself in.”

Alexa Rodriguez, Managing Editor

“Massages are often looked at through the lens of treating ourselves for rare occasions. However, regular massages have benefits for our physical, mental and emotional health as we learn to take care of ourselves from a whole-body perspective. 

I had a chance to visit Massage Center, which has taken a traditional office space and transformed it into a multi-room sanctuary with soothing lights, music, decor and several large, simple and clean rooms for services. I appreciated that they take later evening appointments and highly recommend an evening massage for the ability to go to bed after a relaxing massage. 

 Unique to the Massage Center is a traditional Ashiatsu massage, in which therapists use their bare feet to deliver deep compression, long gliding strokes and/or assisted stretching. There are opportunities for reiki energy sessions, cupping and bamboo sticks for your feet and neck. I got a traditional deep tissue massage from Selena Saldivar, with the addition of bamboo sticks on my feet to alleviate an old plantar fasciitis injury. Saldivar was a professional therapist with strong hands and excellent open communication to ensure the correct pressure and parts of the body I was comfortable with during my service. I look forward to another regular session.”

Suzette James, Contributor

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