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Now Experiencing: Kickboxing

We sent three of our team members to different gyms offering kickboxing classes to report back on their experience.

When it comes to maintaining an active lifestyle, sometimes all the motivation you need is a change of pace. Switching up your typical exercise routine can infuse a new sense of energy into your workout, and the Coastal Bend boasts a variety of unique classes and fitness studios to try out. With that in mind, we sent three of our team members to different gyms offering kickboxing classes to report back on their experience. Who knows, maybe this is the new type of workout you’ve been looking for!

“As I drove to Weapons at Hand MMA Academy to partake in my first kickboxing class, I was a bit nervous. Thankfully, the moment I walked in, I was greeted by Coach Rudy and he calmed my nerves as he shared a bit of the gym’s history and helped to wrap my hands. I attended the Women’s Only Kickboxing class, which is designed to help participants learn the basic fundamental kickboxing techniques all performed on a heavy bag, sans any physical contact with another person.

The coaches were extremely hands-on and helped with each new move and combination – giving tips and feedback the whole way through to help me get the technique down. They were patient, but motivating, which I really appreciated.

What I took away from the class, and kickboxing as a whole, is that it truly combines so many components to make one fast-paced, high-intensity workout. Balance, coordination, endurance and mental focus all come together and create an almost meditative experience. From the friendly and motivating atmosphere of the gym and coaches to the energy and strength I felt leaving the class, I am really looking forward to adding kickboxing into my regular workout routine.”

Kylie Cooper, Editor In Chief

“Fitness is an integral part of staying healthy for life. One obstacle I often find is staying engaged in your workout routine and not feeling bored by going to the gym and doing mundane exercises again and again. As fitness evolves to include other activities and sports, boxing/kickboxing fitness classes have sprouted up in the Corpus Christi area.

I had the opportunity to take the Full-Body 30-Minute High-Intensity Kickboxing Workout class at 9Round, off Staples on the Southside. The best part about joining the workout is that there is no schedule—you can jump in at any time as they cycle through the rounds. The nine rounds include not only boxing, but core, glute and floor exercises. They had a unique timer that flashed green, yellow and red for you to know when to go, push hard and stop during each round.

The owner Ram also offers a heart rate monitor system that displays your optimal HR zones on a TV screen and then emails you a personal summary report of your total 30-minute workout. Ram is very passionate about his business, motivating participants and creating a community of people to achieve goals, be active and feel like they are competing in the ring. I highly recommend this class as an alternative to a traditional gym workout. Grab some friends and get ready to sweat!”

Suzzette James, Contributor

“Nearly 10 years ago, I tried my first kickboxing class. Back then I was in my 20s, pre-baby and pre-jaded by the physical limitations that often come with age. Ten minutes into that class I’d already declared I would never be caught dead in a kickboxing class again because I was struggling to make it through. Fast forward to present day, and I am driving to a kickboxing class to give you, the reader, the scoop.

As hesitant as I was when I walked I, (and full disclosure, I did in fact feel like I was struggling even just during warm-up), the team at ILoveKickboxing Corpus Christi was nothing but encouraging, motivating and adamant about going at your own pace. I listened; and luckily, I did because the technical part of class – the sequencing of jabs, uppercuts, roundhouse kicks – required an incredible focus, which honed my thoughts into one singular stream of consciousness. Which is something that is rare in this unpredictable and often chaotic world.

The mental challenge was every bit worth pushing through the physical angst, and I walked away feeling like with time, I’ll be physically conditioned enough to challenge myself even more. I’m definitely looking forward to giving this type of workout a second chance and honing in on my skills.”

Kirby Conda, Senior Writer