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National Pizza Party Day in the Coastal Bend

Gather your friends, order a pie, and celebrate!

National Pizza Party Day is today and yes this is a very real thing. While there are National Days for just about every single thing you can think of, we are rather fond of this one in particular. Why, you ask? Because who doesn’t love a good reason to gather your friends and eat nothing but pizza. I mean, not that you necessarily NEED a reason to do that, but it might make you feel better about doing so. Here are some of our favorite local spots for pizza and what we recommend ordering when you get there!

House of Rock – The Earth Day Pizza

Okay, we all know and love House of Rock. Not only for their incredible tasting pizza but for a slew of other reasons. But, this is about pizza. We suggest ordering the Earth Day pie for today’s holiday. This is their delicious basil, pesto based pie with fresh goat cheese, mushrooms, artichoke hearts and baby spinach. It can’t be all that bad for you with all those veggies on top, right? Right. 511 Starr St. (361) 882-7625

Mesquite Street Pizza and Pasta Co. – Pizza Fries

Admittedly, this is not technically a pizza, but it contains just about every ingredient of one. The Pizza Fries (which also happens to be Mesquite’s top menu items) is pretty self-explanatory. When you order this for the table, you can expect a heaping serving of french fries topped with, you guessed it, pizza toppings! Their delicious Golden Fries are topped with their homemade marinara, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni then baked to perfection! 617 N Mesquite St.  (361) 882-7499

B&J’s Pizza – The Original – Jack’s Special

Anyone who’s been to B&J’s Pizza is aware of Jack’s Special. It is simple and classic – never gets old. This pie includes Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Onion, & Double Extra Garlic (DOUBLE EXTRA GARLIC). The pizza, named after Jack Baker, the husband half of the husband-wife duo who owns the popular local spot. We can only assume this is Jack’s favorite kind of pizza and we are glad he decided to share it with the rest of us! 6335 S Padre Island Dr. (361) 992-6671

Panjo’s Pizza – Smoky Jo’s BBQ Chicken Pizza

Panjo’s Pizza holds a special place in a lot of our hearts. I am sure a decent amount of you reading this have memories of eating there with your family, playing arcade games, and joining in on sing-a-longs. This long-time Coastal Bend favorite serves up the finest thin crust pizzas in the area. However, this particular pie is everything but thin. The pizza features grilled chicken, red onions, cheddar andbrmozzarella cheeses and is topped with a hickory smoked bbq sauce. 320 Airline Rd (361) 991-1539

Brooklyn Pie Co. – The Hawaii Five-O Pizza

Okay, I will settle this debate for everyone right here, right now: PINEAPPLES BELONG ON PIZZA. Now, with that out of the way, let’s discuss this pie. Brooklyn Pie Co. hand makes their dough and sauces in -house every day using the finest ingredients. They hand select and cut all produce to ensure one of the freshest pizza pie experiences in town. This particular dish has Mozzarella, pineapple, smoked ham,brreal bacon, green onions and freshbrgrated Romano cheese! 15326 S Padre Island Dr. (361) 949-1100

Wherever you choose to spend this joyous holiday, make sure to do it locally and with friends! After all, it is National Pizza Party day, so it wouldn’t be right if you indulged alone. Happy Eating!