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Mind, Nutrition, and Exercise

When you Live Trifecta, it is a way of life, not a quick-fix gimmick.

Words by: Jacqueline Gonzalez  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

Rebecca Hawn has a passion, and a love for fitness and nutrition. Her philosophy that a person can be their healthiest self by possessing a healthy mind, consuming whole food nutrition, and engaging in daily exercise, led her to develop Live Trifecta—a program designed to help her clients achieve these goals.

She was inspired by her desire to surround herself with like-minded people. During her time as a personal trainer, at Sports Fitness Solutions, she created Live Trifecta for her clients to not only have a place to train, but to also have the opportunity to expand their knowledge about nutrition and exercise, while developing a program that works best for each individual to create a successful and healthy lifestyle.

Live Trifecta stems from Hawn’s firsthand knowledge that daily exercise will only go so far without a healthy mind and whole nutrition. The struggle with fad diets and excessive exercise regimens to achieve fat loss, often leave eager dieters feeling defeated. Hawn was enlightened by her former personal trainer, Jeff Paluseo, to the notion that an individual “must get to the root of why they emotionally eat, first, before they can understand and choose to eat a balanced diet.” This golden nugget of information allowed Hawn to understand a healthy mind works in tandem with nutrition and exercise for optimal results.

Once an individual makes peace with their mind and understands their eating habits, they are ready to engage in the second step of Live Trifecta—the whole nutrition. Now they’re ready to gain an understanding of how their body works, and can delve into gauging the fuel necessary to change their nutritional lifestyle. With a good frame of mind, and an accurate nutritional assessment, they are ready to add daily exercise to their routine, completing the Live Trifecta philosophy.

The Live Trifecta Facebook page was the launching platform to share her philosophy for the trifecta of a healthy lifestyle. She provides daily healthy posts including recipes, clean eating tips, exercises, and daily motivation, with an ultimate goal to engage potential clients to reach out to schedule training sessions, beginning their journey of fat loss and a new healthy lifestyle that is easy to maintain. Currently, Hawn offers semi-private, individualized strength training sessions from 5:00 AM – 4:30 PM. Hawn understands that the most difficult part is taking the first step, and she invites everyone to view her social media for motivation, not only through her posts, but also via the interaction from the online community, and also to see how easy it is to enjoy and maintain this lifestyle. She is a firm believer that “success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally; it comes from what you do consistently.”

Live Trifecta is not only Rebecca Hawn’s business; it is her way of life. She wholeheartedly believes her own personal struggles with her body, along with the success of Live Trifecta, came about so that she can help others experience life changing results. Helping people achieve healthier lifestyles is her calling, and her passion resonates through her interaction and dedication to her clients.

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