Local Breweries and Their Moods and Brews for the Season

Local Breweries and Their Moods and Brews for the Season

Based on the flavors of Texas seasons, here are some timely taps from local breweries in the Coastal Bend for the season.

A glass of beer on tap in the ambient setting of Rebel Toad Brewing Company.

Photography by Levi Guzman

On a sunny Coastal Bend day, or a slightly cold and windy one, you can always expect your local taprooms to have just the right taste for the occasion. Whether you’re in the mood for a citrusy IPA utilizing Texas blood oranges or a smooth stout with hints of graham crackers and roasted marshmallows, Coastal Bend breweries are ready to help you celebrate the season.

The Angry Man Porter

Rebel Toad Brewery

Situated on the quaint block of Lomax and Mesquite St., Rebel Toad is eager to serve its taps to wandering locals downtown. With a rotating selection of lagers, porters and seltzers, an afternoon on its patio can wrap up the perfect day. The Angry Man Porter, which supplies a 5.5% ABV, is served only during the colder months and provides just the right amount of warmth on a chilly day. 425 Lomax St.

You’re Killing Me, S’Mores!

Nueces Brewing and Barbecuing

With an abundance of brews available year-round, Nueces Brewery still finds time for an occasional seasonal offering. At the best-loved BBQ and pint stop, You’re Killing Me, S’Mores! is a graham cracker stout with roasted marshmallows and milk chocolate. Sitting at an 8.5% ABV, this tap is rich and smooth — a little guilty pleasure for that winter sweet tooth.  401 S Water St.

Fifteen Minute

Lazy Beach Brewing & Cafe

Since its inception, Lazy Beach Brewing has released at least one new beer every week. Though most are limited runs or seasonal offerings, there’s nothing lazy about these brewmasters. This month, sip on the Fifteen Minute. An herbal IPA with a 5.6% ABV and a lovely fruity tang, this brew will keep things easy for the next quarter hour. 7511 Bichon Dr.

Perfectly Pilsner

Railroad Seafood & Brewing Co.

Perfectly Pilsner is a single-hop beer brewed with American grains with a nice and crisp finish. The final product has a 5.1% ABV with a less malty finish than a traditional pilsner. Enjoy with lime and salt alongside their famed family-style seafood platters or in a flight with their other housemade brews at Railroad Seafood and Brewing.  1214 N Chaparral St.

Lucy Lu’s Blood Orange IPA 

Dog’Gone Brewery

At Dog’Gone Brewery in Rockport, you can expect a laid-back vibe and a selection of beers suitable for any mood. Lucy Lu’s Blood Orange IPA, a citrusy 6.8% ABV, is the ideal pint suitable for this time of year, as Texas blood oranges peak in their season from February to March.  1007 E North St.

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