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Grub on the 5 Best Breakfast Tacos in Town

Austin and San Antonio have attempted to compete; however, Corpus Christi remains the home of the best breakfast tacos.

1. Chacho’s Tacos:

Home of the Almighty Taco, Chacho’s slogan, “best tacos in town” hardly does this little restaurant justice. Along with their Almighty Taco, a 3.5 lb. breakfast monster (stuffed with carne guisada, potato, egg, refried beans, bacon, and cheese), their menu is filled with regular sized combinations to satisfy any palate. The “weenie and egg” taco is highly recommended among the locals, due to its similarities to a childhood favorite in grandma’s kitchen. Chopped up “weenies,” cooked in peppery scrambled eggs, and blanketed in a homemade flour tortilla, the weenie and egg taco makes for delicious nostalgia. 3700 Ayers | Corpus Christi, TX


2. Hi-Ho Restaurant:

Home of the infamous “never empty” parking lot, Hi-Ho is not only a local favorite, it was also once the go-to spot for local Tejano music legend, Selena Quintanilla-Perez. Great customer service, along with a menu of delicious items, makes Hi-Ho one of the most popular spots for breakfast tacos. The carne guisada, enveloped in a homemade tortilla, is guaranteed to make your taste buds dance. 3703 Morgan | Corpus Christi, TX


3. Nano’s Taco Run:

brNano’s is a local favorite known for their hearty sized breakfast tacos and signature homemade sauce. The potato, bacon, bean, and cheese concoction is among the most popular breakfast taco on the menu; however, locals rave that the menu items are too good to choose just one. As an added bonus, breakfast tacos are served until 9 pm. 4722 Holly Rd. | Corpus Christi, TX


4. Yoli’s Tacos:

brThis “hole-in-the-wall” Mexican restaurant is a tourist favorite, and is sought after for their fluffy tortillas and fresh ingredients. Their popular “grease-free” barbacoa and carne asada tacos are guaranteed to satisfy your cravings. The restaurant lends a “make yourself at home” environment, as Yoli is present at the counter to greet each customer with a friendly smile and welcoming attitude.   4222 Kostoryz | Corpus Christi, TX


5. Taqueria Almeida:

Known as the place that “really has the customer in mind,” Taqueria Almeida is revered for delicious ingredients and convenient hours of operation. Every taco is served hot and fresh, and customers love the homemade refried bean recipe. Have a picky eater in the family? Their menu items, especially the potato, chorizo, and bean taco, and the migas taco are satisfying to even the pickiest palate. There are many locations in town, but the Flour Bluff location is highly recommended. 2650 Waldron Rd. | Corpus Christi, TX  

Did you know?

Once known as Mexican street food, the breakfast taco is the celebrity of tacos. It is a delicious, hand-held method of eating your favorite breakfast items. Most Mexican restaurants in Corpus Christi are family owned and operated. The tortillas are homemade, with a secret family recipe, making each tortilla at each restaurant uniquely delicious. Along with their secret recipes, the owners are always up for the challenge of creating new specialty tacos for their customers. Next time you visit a Mexican restaurant in search of breakfast tacos, try a carne guisada with cheese or a chorizo and egg with potato; no matter what you choose, each restaurant is sure to please.