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Fall Flowers Right Around the Corner

An Optimal Annual Planting Guide from Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

By: Sally Gill, Gill Garden Center + Landscape Co.

Are you as anxious as I am to replace your Summer annuals with lush Fall color? I bet yes!! Our guide below (click here for the printable version) shows the most popular flowers for our area and the optimum months to plant. Timing is everything! Many of these can be planted at any time during their season but waiting for the optimum month to plant will give you the best and longest show of color.


For now, trim your plants back a bit to improve their shape, lightly spade some compost into flower beds (we like to use Nature’s Blend by Back to Nature), mulch beds, and pull out tired Summer annuals and refresh pots with new potting soil…all in preparation for your Fall annuals. Get ready; it’s right around the corner!