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Editor’s Letter: Set a Course for Summer

From hidden gems perfect for enhancing a beach day and ice-cold treats from local businesses, we dive into our Coastal Bend summer guide.

Photography by Shoocha Photography

While summer doesn’t technically start until June 21, the month of May has always acted as the metaphorical season opener. School is out; the breeze gets a bit warmer; the skies blaze a more vibrant shade of blue and the days are just a little longer.

As a Corpus Christi native, it’s easy to take advantage of the luxuries of a summer spent in the Coastal Bend. I sometimes forget not everyone can hop in the car and drive less than 30 minutes before hitting the sand. That idea, paired with the undeniable fact that temperatures coming to South Texas may call for refreshing ways to beat the heat, inspired our cover feature this month.

From hidden gems perfect for enhancing a beach day and ice-cold treats from local businesses to boat cruises for all occasions and indoor activities for the kids on the days it’s just too dang hot out there, our summer guide (pg. 42) is filled with tips, tricks and ideas on how to stay cool and have fun this summer in the Coastal Bend.

An inside look at a dreamy vacation condo (pg. 59); inspiration for incorporating florals into your decor this season (pg. 66); and next-level lemonade ideal for quenching your summertime thirst (pg. 96) round out our seasonal offerings. Plus, you’ll find an insightful conversation with the Corpus Christi Museum of Science and History’s new CEO and president (pg. 16); a local’s motivational health journey (pg. 34) and a review of a delicious Puerto Rican restaurant (pg. 98).

Also in this month’s issue, our resident history buff Jillian Becquet takes readers along for a ride as she unfolds the origins of the popular poker variant, Texas Hold’em. As Becquet puts it, “like many good Lone Star State stories, the beginnings of Texas Hold’em lie a little bit outside the history books, where tall tales and legends are told.”

Starting on page 52, the story takes us on a long and riding road through Robstown, Corpus Christi and a few other cities as Becquet uncovers a bit of what we know about the ties a game so entrenched in modern American culture has to our neck of the woods.

I hope you all take full advantage of the summer season before fall comes knocking at the door. Whether you use this issue as reading material while lounging poolside, or as inspiration to make plans with your family for the summer season ahead, I hope you enjoy the stories herein.




Kylie Cooper, Editor in Chief