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Colors of Corpus: Featuring Mae Burke

Essay No. 3: I Used to Be Afraid of Color

By: Mae Burke

I am a born-and-raised woman of the Coastal Bend who used to be so afraid of color. When I first started my career, muted, neutral tones were all the rage from coastal seascapes to feature-worthy weddings. Color was to be hushed; seen and not heard, as they say.

In the year following Harvey, as my hometown and current place of residence, Rockport, rebuilds and reimagines who we are, I’ve learned to use color to help define our vision. I photograph my family, and my clients’ families enjoying our shoreline and snuggled up at home. Utilizing colors that reflect the vital, vibrant growth of our town and our people. I am now happy to present our community as a rainbow of tightly knit humanity and nature.