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10 Orders of Chips & Dip to Try in Corpus Christi

From tried and true options to innovative twists, here are 10 chip and dip varieties to snack on throughout the 361.

Photography by Rachel Benavides

From queso to hummus, chips and dip are a delicious way to start quite literally any meal. A staple starter around the world, there are many variations of the iconic duo to be enjoyed. Here’s a roundup of 10 different orders of chips and dip for you to try in Corpus Christi. 

Hummus and Pita from Ginger Cafe

A Middle Eastern staple, this list of dips wouldn’t be complete without freshly made hummus and pita. With chickpea puree, sesame tahini, garlic and lemon juice, Ginger Cafe’s hummus is some of the best in town, served with fresh pita and pita chips. 7009 S Staples St.

Chips & Salsa from Acapulco

A personal favorite, Acapulco whips up quite the tasty salsa. Enjoying an order of their classic chips and freshly made salsa makes for the perfect starter before diving into some tacos. Pro tip: ask for homemade flour tortilla chips that’ll make the experience even more delicious. 1133 Airline Rd.

Choriqueso from Celsita’s

Truly some of the best queso in town, Celsita’s Choriqueso takes a delicious classic like queso and adds fresh chorizo to the mix. This is one of the tastiest ways to kick off a homemade meal made from the heart, just don’t get too full before the entrees come out. 15401 S Padre Island Dr. #105

Crab Docamole from Doc’s Seafood & Steaks

If you’re a lover of seafood, Doc’s has an incredible coastal variation of guacamole for you. Their Crab Docamole is made with a fresh and creamy avocado base, pico de gallo and crab meat, making it the perfect snack or start to dinner. 13309 S Padre Island Dr.

Queso from Kiko’s

According to this year’s Local’s List results, one of the best spots to enjoy queso is Kiko’s Mexican Restaurant. If you’re looking to switch things up and dip something other than a freshly made tortilla chip into their creamy queso, try the beer-battered fried mushrooms with chile con queso. 5514 Everhart Rd.

Spinach and Artichoke Dip from Tannin’s

A delicious mixture of fresh spinach and artichokes, combined with a blend of creamy ingredients to create one of the best spinach and artichoke dips in town, can be found at Tannin’s Wine Bar & Tapas. This is the perfect starter to share with a friend over a bottle of wine. 3855 S Alameda St.

Club Queso from Surf Club

A downtown classic, Executive Surf Club’s Club Queso is a certified fan favorite. The tasty queso blend comes topped with fresh guacamole, and when washed down with a crisp beer, you’ve got yourself a mighty tasty appetizer. 306 N Chaparral St.

Smoked Salmon Spread from The Post

If you’re looking for a Sunday brunch option, look no further than The Post’s Smoked Salmon Spread. Yes, okay, I know this isn’t technically classified as a dip, but dip you can! With mesquite smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, green onion, and red bell pepper, this spread is served with caper berries and crostini chips to pair. 411 Doddridge St. #102

Lobster and Artichoke Dip from Harrison’s Landing

For another seafood take on a classic dip, head to Harrison’s Landing. Their Lobster and Artichoke Dip is a delicious blend of flavors that’s made better only by the gorgeous bay views. 108 Peoples St. T-Head

Pineapple Guacamole from Zambra Fusion Cafe

For a fruitier take on the classic guacamole option, Zamba Fusion Cafe has you covered. Their Pineapple Guacamole comes with hand-crushed guac stuffed with pineapple pieces, minced purple onions, cilantro, and a pinch of jalapeños, all served with corn tortilla chips. 6062 Holly Rd. Suite B6

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