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10 Pasta Dishes to Try in Corpus Christi

From spaghetti to seafood jambalaya, there are endless ways to enjoy pasta. Here are ten local noodle dishes to try in Corpus Christi.

Photo by Rachel Benavides, featuring The Carmen at Hester’s

Pasta is one of the most popular dishes globally and every carb lover’s favorite meal. With endless combinations of noodles and ingredients, there’s a pasta dish for everyone. Corpus Christi is home to a variety of delicious noodle dishes, from spaghetti to manicotti. Here are ten pasta dishes to try right now.

Pasta Angela at Luciano’s

This pasta dish is a deliciously unique option, with a blend of garlic, onion, prosciutto, dried grapes and pinenuts served with a buttercream sauce and linguine. The Pasta Angela at Luciano’s is a perfectly creamy and seasoned dish for a night out. 1821 S Alameda St.

The Carmen at Hester’s

A Corpus Christi classic, Hester’s has a meal for everyone. Made with a sweet and creamy roasted red pepper sauce over bowtie pasta, with house-roasted chicken breast and summer sausage, the Carmen is a delicious noodle dish. 3812 S Alameda St.

Spaghetti at Frank’s Spaghetti House

A timeless classic, spaghetti is the perfect go-to choice and there’s no better place to head than Frank’s Spaghetti House. Your dish comes as you like it, with your choice of marinara, meat sauce, garlic butter sauce, meatballs and mushrooms, served on a delicious bed of spaghetti pasta. 2724 Leopard St.

Rigatoni alla Trapanese at Bellino’s

Sometimes the sauce is the most important part, and dishes like Bellino’s Rigatoni alla Trapanese proves this point. With sun-dried tomatoes, almonds, and a housemade pecorino sauce that’s to die for, this dish is sure to satisfy. 3815 S Alameda St.

Mamma’s Manicotti at Sal’s Bronx Pizza

A local favorite, Mamma’s Manicotti at Sal’s Bronx Pizza is certainly a dish to try. Housemade manicotti stuffed with ricotta sopraffina, mascarpone, parmesan, mozzarella and fresh herbs are all tossed in fresh marinara and a fresh mozzarella medallion. 5922 Yorktown Blvd. Suite 106

Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo at Bella Luna Downtown

Another classic take on pasta, you can’t go wrong with chicken fettuccine alfredo. Bella Luna’s rendition comes with blackened chicken breast, homemade creamy alfredo sauce and fettuccine pasta, coming together for a deliciously balanced dish. 429 Schatzell St.

Seafood Pasta Jambalaya at Waterstreet Oyster Bar

For seafood pasta like no other, Waterstreet Oyster Bar has an incredible dish. Their Seafood Pasta Jambalaya comes perfectly seasoned with shrimp, chicken, andouille sausage and crawfish tails all served with housemade andouille creme sauce and rice. 309 N Water St.

Mesquite Street Pasta at Mesquite Street

If you’re looking for a spot to relax and enjoy a couple of beers over pizza and pasta, Mesquite Street might be the perfect place. The Mesquite Street Pasta is a tasty choice, complete with bowtie pasta tossed in homemade alfredo sauce, topped with grilled chicken, garlic, onions, bacon and tomatoes. 617 N Mesquite St.

Lasagna at Cafe Italia

It wouldn’t be a complete list without this iconic family favorite. If you’re looking for a homestyle lasagna, Cafe Italia is the place to go. With layers of baked cheese, meat and pasta, their homemade lasagna is a delicious meal for the entire household. 4117 S Staples St. #200

Cajun Shrimp Pasta at Railroad Seafood & Brewing Co.

To round out this list with one more seafood option, Railroad Seafood’s Cajun Shrimp Pasta is a must-have. Made with fresh blackened shrimp, red bell pepper and mushrooms tossed in a creamy cajun sauce, this dish is an ideal meal for cajun lovers. 1214 N Chaparral St.