Charity League Announces 2024 Grant Recipient & Style Show Designer

Charity League Announces 2024 Grant Recipient & Style Show Designer

Charity League of Corpus Christi reveals its 2023-2024 fundraising season grant recipient and, in partnership with Julian Gold, the Style Show's featured designer.

Cara Cara, the featured brand for Charity League's annual Style Show & Luncheon, is based in New York City.

Cara Cara will serve as the featured brand for Charity League's 2023-2024 Style Show & Luncheon. | Photo via Cara Cara

Charity League of Corpus Christi is fiercely dedicated to improving the quality of life for citizens in our community. In fact, that is exactly what the non-profit organization was founded on in 1934. The local philanthropic group consists of 40 women and has been focused on doing charitable work in our community for almost a century. Each year, the group chooses a charity based in the Coastal Bend to raise money and advocate for its entire fundraising season. This year, the Corpus Christi Literacy Council was chosen as the beneficiary of this season’s efforts.

According to the Corpus Christi Literacy Council, over one-fifth of the adults in our community lack basic literacy skills, and many of them speak little or no English. This barrier and the lack of accessible resources to help can make it harder for these individuals to function successfully in society. The nonprofit’s mission is to identify, develop, promote and coordinate comprehensive programs and resources that will measurably reduce functional illiteracy in the region. In the 36 years since its inception, the organization has helped over 300 individuals per year, at little to no cost to those participating in programs.

A class taking place at the Corpus Christi Literacy Council.
Photo via Corpus Christi Literacy Council

“Literacy, in general, is such an important driver in our community, not only for an individual’s quality of life, but also in terms of education, continuing education and our workforce,” Charity League President Emily Veazey shared. “You need to learn how to read for so many different reasons, and this is such an important [nonprofit] in our community. To be able to come alongside them and share what they’ve been doing for the last 36 years in our community is exciting. We’re so thankful to elevate them on this platform, and really celebrate what they have already been doing for individuals in Corpus Christi.”

Through advocacy for the importance of literacy, ongoing programs to combat illiteracy, a resource center for said programs within the community and maintaining the Independent Literacy Council by researching and securing multiple funding sources, the nonprofit aids in increasing literacy and conversational English to adults ages 17 years and older. According to the website, the core program provided by the Corpus Christi Literacy Council is one-on-one tutoring.

Continuously outdoing itself, Charity League’s most recent grant recipients include $308,000 raised for Timmon’s Ministry (2019 – 2020), $482,000 raised for New Life Refuge Ministries (2021 – 2022) and $496,000 raised for Agape Ranch (2022 – 2023). In total, Charity League estimates its group has raised over $5.5 million for various organizations in the Coastal Bend. That number will only continue to grow this year as the fundraising tallies roll in after the Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon.

Charity League’s fundraising efforts cap off at the Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon. The event is talked about all year long and the theme, along with the chosen designer, is always highly anticipated. This week, in partnership and collaboration with Julian Gold – Corpus Christi, Charity League announced its pick for this season’s Style Show & Luncheon theme and designer.

Cara Cara is a fashion brand based in New York City, New York.
Photo via Cara Cara

This year’s theme, “Wild Wanderlust” was chosen by Style Show chairmen Lindsey Pietsch and Amy Vela. “We wanted to come up with something that hadn’t been done before–something a little darker, a little moodier,” Pietsch shared. “There will be an element of drama that we’re really excited about.”

With the chosen theme, Julian Gold began the process of selecting a designer for the show, and the brand Cara Cara was chosen as the line to showcase. Combining the “joyful spirit of being on holiday, with exuberant and versatile wardrobe pieces to wear year-round,” Cara Cara was founded by three women, Julia Brown, Sasha Martin and Katie Hobbs, who share the bond of friendship and motherhood.

“The prints alone really speak to this year’s theme, ‘Wild Wanderlust,'” said Julian Gold – Corpus Christi Store Director Alexa Gignac. “Also, the line really resonated with us because it was founded by three working moms who became friends through their children. With Charity League, you’re talking about all these incredible women working hard for their community and families. So it just made sense to us.”

Female-founded, owned and operated, Cara Cara aims to design clothes for the modern-day woman seeking casual glamour. “The prints are going to be great,” Pietsch said. “There is a lot of tule, animal prints, feathers and other elements that add an exciting flair.” Style Show attendees can expect tons of prints, moody colors, a variety of fabrics and interesting pieces made with velvet on the runway.

Cara Cara is a fashion brand based in New York City, New York.
Photo via Cara Cara

The Annual Spring Style Show & Luncheon takes place on Feb. 15, 2024, at the American Bank Center.  As one of Charity League’s biggest funding opportunities of the year, 100% of the proceeds from the event, and the entire fundraising season, will directly benefit the Corpus Christi Literacy Council. For more information on the Charity League of Corpus Christi, to donate, to reserve a seat or table or to secure a sponsorship for the Style Show & Luncheon, visit the website.

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