Bold Beauty in the Lees' Corpus Christi Family Home

Bold Beauty in the Lees’ Corpus Christi Family Home

A look inside this traditional Corpus Christi family home with a fresh, modern twist

Looking over the couch on the cozy living room into a stylish, chic dining room of a Corpus Christi family home.

Photography by Jason Page

When Ashlee Lee and her husband Justin were on the hunt for the perfect home there was one goal in mind: to find a Corpus Christi family home that could grow with them. “I really wanted to be able to evolve the house over time. Something that I could work on for 10 to 15 years was ideal. It was special to me to give the house a second life,” Ashlee Lee recalled.

The Lees were ready for the challenge. “I had grown up in an environment where my parents had extensively redone a couple of houses,” Lee said. “I saw the house as a huge opportunity to make it what we wanted it to be, which was [a home with] open space and a big yard to have our kids play in, to host the kids’ birthday parties, to have friends over. That was one of the biggest attractions to the house.”

A collage of photos from inside a Corpus Christi family home. Left: Green bamboo dining chairs line a parquet dining table, topped with grand porcelain vases with white orchids and greenery on top, with a golden Hollywood Regency style Jonathan Adler chandelier above. Right Top: A vibrant blue fabric sectional couch topped with white and blue paint-stroked patterned pillows and matching ottoman tables in the bright and airy living room. Right Bottom: Various collectible items, porcelain dishes, coffee table books, and orchids sit on top of a solid burl wood credenza.

Lee knew this South Shores home was the perfect fit. “Structurally the house was great, and the layout was easy for me to work with. I felt confident that I could tackle the project,” she said. The family took on the extensive remodel in 2017 with a second phase in 2021. Lee’s design goal was to create a home that is both classic and traditional, and fresh and modern.

“We both tend to gravitate toward traditional homes, which are always in style. It is a classic way to keep a neutral background and still be able to switch up textures, accessories and furniture. I tried to marry some things that were traditional and some things that made the house feel fun and new,” Lee said.

This mix of traditional and modern aesthetics has created a home that is colorful, eclectic and full of life. The bold navy walls in the formal living and dining room are a clean canvas for the eye-catching emerald bamboo dining chairs, parquet dining table and burl wood credenza.

A collage of two photos from inside a Corpus Christi family home. Left: A black and white checkered porcelain tea kettle sits on top of the island stove in a bright and airy, white kitchen with fresh, light pink roses. Right: The rich blue living room walls with traditional-style white chairs and couch.

The jute rug grounding the sitting area is a timeless touch, while the stunning Jonathan Adler chandelier above the dining table is a modern twist on a classic mid-century piece. “My goal [with that chandelier] was that maybe in 30 years, they will know that it’s vintage Jonathan Adler. I wanted it to be something with staying power,” said Lee.

The kitchen, den and primary bath also showcase this fun mix of styles. The den features a vibrant blue velvet sectional and funky upholstered ottomans, while the kitchen and primary bath showcase a more classic style with Chantilly Lace shaker cabinetry and touches of marble. The home also features a colorful and functional mudroom. With its Benjamin Moore Smoke cabinets and pastel pink hexagon floor tile, this utility room is anything but basic. “I made the laundry room a hub for the house. It’s a separate space where you can sit at the little desk and work or do laundry. Everything is there,” Lee said.

A collage of two photos from inside a Corpus Christi family home. Left: Golden-edged mirrors on the wall of a bright-white powder room. Right: A tropical colorful and eye-catching wallpaper lines the walls of another powder room with a golden art-deco style mirror hanging above the sink.

Lee’s design ethos was to choose items she loved and make them work together. “It is truly all things that I love, and I have to find a way to marry them together.” One of her most beloved elements is their art collection. “The artwork is probably the least curated thing [in the home]. Most come from my father-in-law, who has left us pieces and helped us buy pieces,” she said. “[Collecting art] was truly his passion. He has instilled in us making artwork a fun thing that doesn’t have to be perfectly coordinated for it to be interesting and to tell a story.”

Lee could say the same for the design of the home in its entirety. Despite the furniture being an eclectic mix of design styles, the home still tells a story — one that is bold, colorful, fun and rooted in family.

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