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Past Meets Present in this Colorful Ocean Drive Home

This mother-daughter collaboration resulted in a stylish and intentional home design.

Photography by Jason Page

Corpus Christi’s prestigious Ocean Drive is lined with landmark, classic homes. Some have even been there since the early 20th century. When Peggy and Scott Fagan set out to build their dream home, they wanted to emulate the traditional design of the grand abodes that once lined Corpus Christi’s downtown.

“I’ve always been drawn to traditional style. It has been a dream to build a classic style home,” Peggy said.

The design process was truly a family event. After finalizing the architectural plans, the Fagans enlisted the help of their daughter, interior designer Elaina Fagan Darden. “During COVID, Elaina was home for a while so we were able to bounce ideas off one another and play with fabric samples while she was home,” said Peggy. “It was a very collaborative process.”

However, before diving into the interior design, Peggy and Scott really wanted to make certain the architecture would maximize their incredible bay views, and added floor-to-ceiling windows across the back of the house. This design change goes against classical design principles, but was necessary to achieve the light and airy feel they desired.

“The design of the home is based in principles of classical architecture. The front is very much that, but my parents wanted to break the rules in the back,” Elaina said. “How could you not have huge windows to look out on that view?”

With this change, Peggy can now enjoy one of her favorite aspects of the home. “We love the big windows and waking up to the sun coming up over the water. Sometimes at night, the moon rises and the bay is lit up. Every day is different,” she said.

For the interiors of the home, the mother-daughter duo took inspiration from the wallpaper in the entry. “It’s a beautiful hand-painted De Gournay that my parents gifted each other for their 25th wedding anniversary. It’s so special, but it also really informs the design,” said Elaina. This classic wallpaper, with its colorful, tropical botanicals and embroidered birds and butterflies, is the foundation for the home’s color palette. From the green Oomph coffee table in the living room and Farrow & Ball Calke Green cabinetry in the bar to the blush walls of the powder room and the blue monotone sitting room, the influence of this timeless wallpaper is clear.

In addition to the whimsical color scheme, the home features a balanced mix of traditional antiques and new pieces in the Grand Millennial style. “The furniture is a blend of old and new, which makes it fun and youthful. We have new pieces, but we still have the beautiful old pieces that mean a lot to us,” Peggy said. Much of the antique furniture pieces and artwork are from Peggy’s parents and grandparents, while the antique chandeliers are from Scott’s parents.

One of the home’s most special elements for adding character and history is the wood paneling in the dining room, which is from Peggy’s childhood home. “I love that we were able to use the paneling from the house my parents built in the ’70s. It’s the house I grew up in. My father loved that paneling,” she said. “My parents’ interior designer had bought it from a castle in Ireland. Our cabinetry fabricator was able to rework it and put it back together so that it fits in the new dining room.”

Just off the dining room is another hidden gem of the home: the wine room. Inside the room is a plaque made from the door of Scott’s family’s mausoleum. Scott affectionately calls the wine room “the soul of the house.”

Despite only completing the home in October 2020, the Fagans have already made cherished memories in their dream home. “Elaina got married in the backyard. It all has come full circle because Scott and I got married at my childhood home,” Peggy said. The Fagans are grateful that their daughters feel a strong connection to their parents’ new home. “All of us had a hand in putting this house together. Both our daughters helped. We all had a part in making it special.”

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