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Being Mindful and Aware with CrashBell

CrashBell Holistic Wellness Center focuses on the mind/body relationship with holistic practices.

Omar Davis and Stephanie Bellocchio, owner and founder of CrashBell Holistic Wellness Center in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Omar Davis and Stephanie Bellocchi posing beachside | Photo by Lillian Reitz

“CrashBell was created to make a positive sound in this world, like crashing into a bell,” said Omar Davis, owner and founder of the modern holistic health and wellness center located on Corpus Christi’s Southside. 

Davis and his life partner, Stephanie Bellocchio, began their journey back in 2011 when the pair made a conscious decision to focus on the health benefits of the symbiotic relationship between the mind and body. Both attended school for Medical Massage Therapy at the Swedish Institute in New York City, where Bellocchio found her practice in yoga and meditation life-changing, and Davis was awakened to the knowledge of anatomy and physiology. Once they started working as licensed massage therapists, they could see the benefits of physical touch and emotional awareness when addressing their patients’ pain. 

While residing in NYC, Davis created content and a curriculum educating children on the importance of emotional intelligence that was delivering positive change within Brooklyn schools. However, the pandemic prompted the couple to move back to Davis’ hometown in the Coastal Bend to be closer to family and the beach. Davis and Bellocchio then recognized the need for a positive mindset shift in the health and wellness space here locally, so they opened CrashBell Holistic Wellness Center. 

A photo of Davis and Bellocchio on a pier off the beach.
CrashBell offers membership plans and class passes based on the treatment frequency for each client | Photo by Lillian Reitz

The center offers medical and sports rehab treatment (massage therapy), lymphatic drainage and stretch therapy. The team of experts use their credentialed knowledge to aid clients with chronic pain using ergonomics and neuromuscular re-education. They also offer workshops, an in-school curriculum, corporate keynotes, stress management and on-demand meditation courses.

Davis and his team are proud to educate their clients on the science of anatomy and how the body works and functions. This involves inspiring and educating people to help them make better choices in navigating their overall wellness goals. CrashBell seeks to continue building a cultural movement aimed at emotional and mental wellness, with a focus on specific groups like schools and community centers, the workforce, veterans and independent/assisted living centers. 

Davis wants clients to know that people are so much more than just bodies. People have the ability to heal if we assist the body with a healthy environment, and CrashBell offers a unique approach to promote the holistic wellness of the mind, body and spirit.  

​​Contact: 5422 Holly Road  |

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