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Now Experiencing: Faux-tox Facials

We sent out two members of our team to experience “faux-tox” facial treatments from local skin care professionals. Here's what we thought.

Shutterstock image of woman receiving a Now Experiencing: Faux-tox Facial.

With more and more people seeing results from botox, we sent two members of our team to experience a less invasive alternative. “Faux-tox” facials are trending in the beauty world, and thanks to local skin care professionals here in the Coastal Bend, you can schedule your next self-care day with this type of treatment in mind.

The “Face Lift” Treatment, Gold Dust Cosmetic Collective

“The professionals at Gold Dust Cosmetic Collective are second to none. The pleasant atmosphere and knowledgeable staff set the foundation for an experience that is tailored to you.

I visited licensed esthetician Jenna Pilsner for “The Face Lift” treatment, consisting of a collagen-promoting peptide mask, glycolic acid exfoliation, hyaluronic acid moisturization and regenerative high-frequency technology, to give the skin a natural lift. Before the treatment started, we had a lengthy consultation in which it was evident she had the knowledge required to address my unique skin concerns.

After a series of cleanses and a facial massage to promote lymphatic drainage, the NuFace device delivered microcurrent in the same lymphatic path to stimulate the facial muscles. I could feel a slight tingling from the current, but nothing painful or uncomfortable. Then, an exfoliant was applied, followed by steam before the peptide mask was activated.

I could feel the mask slowly tightening over the course of about 10 minutes, while Pilsner continued to walk me through the science behind its ingredients, specifically Argireline, the botox-like peptide that aids in collagen production. She also massaged my neck and shoulders, which was a significant bonus and contributed to the overall superior experience that Gold Dust delivers. She finished the treatment with dermaplaning to remove any lingering dead skin and vellus hair and then applied a series of serums.

Over the course of the next several days, I noticed a decrease in fine lines, specifically on my forehead and around my eyes, and a significantly brighter complexion. Thanks to Pilsner, I left the experience not only with immediate results, but a renewed motivation to put the time and effort into skincare that will promote the cell regeneration the treatment initially provided.”

– Alexa Rodriguez, Managing Editor


The Facial Cupping Face Lift Treatment, Peace of Mind Massage Therapy & Natural Healing

“I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: Best. Tables. Ever. The massage/facial tables at Peace of Mind Massage Therapy & Natural Healing are incredibly soft, and the vibration setting is a game-changer.

I went to Peace of Mind for the Facial Cupping Face Lift Treatment, which is an all-natural alternative to surgical facelifts, fillers and chemical treatments used for preserving youthfulness. The facial began as most do: aromatic mists to open pores, an initial cleanse and into extractions and detoxing. Using a microcurrent tool, owner Jynelle Ornelas-Stanton, LMT began to remove and eliminate the bacteria hiding deep within the skin. While this tool can be painful to some, I merely experienced a slight pressure. Once the detoxing was complete, the cupping process began.

Ornelas proceeded with three rounds of cupping with progressively more suction/intensity. The suction lifts, tones and plumps the facial muscles. Its deep invigorating action increases elastin and collagen, which reverse gravity’s effects on your face. This process also gives your face full lymphatic drainage and increases circulation, resulting in a clearer, cleaner and a more even complexion. Post-facial, I left with glowing skin and no redness, irritation or sensitivity — it’s truly the perfect lunchtime face-lift facial. The next day my face felt noticeably tighter, and very clean, which is what I’m looking for from choosing an alternative to botox or fillers. 10/10; would recommend giving this treatment a try.

While the facial is recommended for people wanting a natural approach to skin health as opposed to fillers and botox, it also is highly beneficial for those who struggle with acne, as the cupping process draws and pulls toxins and bacteria that cause acne from deep within the skin … without being as invasive or abrasive as other acne treatments.”

– Jarred Schuetze, Art Director

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