Beat the Heat: The Best Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Beat the Heat: The Best Ways to Keep Cool This Summer

Water activities, seasonal drinks, the best ways to cool down and more in the Coastal Bend.

Photo Provided by Salt Devil Cruises

Written by Alexa Rodriguez & Kylie Cooper

There’s no time like summertime in the Coastal Bend. The sky blazes blue, the warmth of the sun beats down and the days feel just a little longer. Whether school’s out for summer and you’re looking for ways to keep the kiddos entertained or you’re searching for ideas on how to beat the South Texas heat, we’ve got you covered. From water activities and ice-cold treats to soaking up the A/C inside your favorite local businesses, this guide includes tips, tricks and ideas on how to stay cool and have fun this summer in the Coastal Bend.

Beat the Heat on the Water with a Boat Cruise

If there’s one thing the Coastal Bend has in abundance, it’s a boat cruise for every occasion. With scenic coastal waters inhabited by sea life and native bird species, perusing by boat is the best avenue to sit back, relax, enjoy the salty breeze and explore all our waters have to offer. Read More>>

Arcades and Other Activities to Beat the Heat Indoors

If you were a kid in the ’80s or ’90s, arcades represented an escape from the monotony of summer and an opportunity for friendly competition out of the house and away from the heat. You may even recall childhood memories of begging your mom to let you play a game of pinball after the movies. Today, arcade franchises have taken the country by storm, providing food, drink and games for all ages. Locally, Quasar’s and Retro are here to shake up your summer social agenda by day or night. Check out an arcade or one of many other local options to beat the summer heat. Read More>>

Chilly Treats to Beat the Heat

Ice cream, mangonadas, limeades, snow cones, pina coladas … the list goes on. The one thing all of these have in common is the fact that come summertime, they become refreshing and necessary treats. Read More>>

Enhance Your Summer with These Hidden Gems

Hitting the beach is a no-brainer when it comes to surviving and thriving in the dog days of a South Texas summer. Water activities are essential to beat this heat, but there are probably a few hidden gems you’ve yet to discover that will enhance your experience. Read More>>