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Be The Pulse

Local professionals striving to transform health in the coastal bend community

By: Alexis Mays

A brand-new group has passion in their hearts to revolutionize health in the Coastal Bend. C.C. PULSE are local, young professionals who promote heart health through various activities and events, in order to help influence citizens toward a healthy lifestyle. Each C.C. PULSE member is an ambassador of the American Heart Association, sharing their personal connections of how heart disease and stroke have touched their lives – and is dedicated to helping others to live healthier lives. 

“C.C. PULSE is about community transformation,” says Katharine Guerra, Corporate Development Director of the AHA. As she explains, the group works “within the community, in partnership with other non-profits and community minded organizations, to apply the very best practices for collective impact that will benefit the whole of the Coastal Bend.”


The C.C. PULSE initiative was the brain child of Guerra, and it launched this year to empower a younger demographic to combat heart disease, which is the leading cause of death nationwide. Heart attacks were once thought of as a disease that primarily targeted an older population. However, findings and research show that it is occurring in younger people, and is especially happening to women. That’s why C.C. PULSE is for those ages 21 to 40 years old. 


The group lives out its mission in several different ways. There are fitness- and nutrition-centered activities, such as nature walks, cycling, boxing, yoga, and more. Plus, members are committed to spreading information about heart disease and stroke, and their associated effects on our community. The group is also focused on hosting social events, which will help raise awareness and funds at the same time. The fundraising efforts of C.C. PULSE will help support the AHA’s research, education, and advocacy efforts. 


C.C. PULSE members will also have an opportunity to participate in the group’s mission selection process. Inaugural members will select a Focused Mission in Action that the group targets, such as childhood obesity, congenital discoveries, and more. Guerra knows the impact that the motivated, energetic group can make. “C.C. PULSE members will be acting as advocates of the American Heart Association: identifying the city’s needs, creating conversation, taking action, and making a lifelong impact not only for themselves, but the entire community.” 


The ripple effect that those behind C.C. PULSE are poised to make will promote a better quality of life for Coastal Bend residents, because a robust lifestyle can prevent sickness and disease later in life. And it will all be done through the engaging and unique events and efforts of its members.


“These mutually reinforcing activities will build trust, and create a backbone of support for generations to come,” Guerra says.


Their endeavors will make a big impression in the Coastal Bend, and the best part is that you can be part of this movement: The AHA is accepting new members for C.C. PULSE. 

Heart Disease Facts

•   Cardiovascular disease was listed as the underlying 
     cause of death for approximately 1 of every 3 deaths 
     in 2016.
•   Cardiovascular diseases claim more lives each year 
     than all forms of cancer and Chronic Lower
     Respiratory Disease, combined.
•   121.5 million American adults had some form of 
     cardiovascular disease between 2013 and 2016.
•   Between 2014 and 2015, direct and indirect costs 
    of cardiovascular diseases and stroke totaled $351.2 
    billion. By the year 2035, total direct medical costs 
    of cardiovascular disease are projected to increase to 
    $749 billion.
•   Stroke is the #5 killer of all Americans.