Bayside Pilates Owner Shares Her Go-To Self Care Routine

Bayside Pilates Owner Shares Her Go-To Self-Care Routine

Tori Froemke shares her tips for incorporating a positive self-care routine you can actually stick with

Bayside Pilates owner, Tori Froemke shares her go-to self-care routine

Photography by Shoocha Photography

By working in the fitness industry as the owner of Bayside Pilates, I have seen many health and wellness fads come and go, but the current culture seems to have a stronger focus on daily habits that inspire longevity. Eating well, moving your body, drinking enough water, getting outside and adequate sleep are what beauty and self-care mean to me. I always tell people it doesn’t matter what type of exercise routine you’re doing; if you enjoy it, you’re way more likely to stick to it!

Good ingredients and nutrient-dense foods are what I reach for most. I eat a ton of berries on a regular basis — which are not only delicious but are also full of antioxidants that are great for your skin. When it comes to my overall diet, flexibility and balance are my top priorities.

Aside from a wholesome diet, exercise is a very important part of my life. My routine consists of Pilates three to four times per week to target my muscles. I also love any physical activity that involves being outside. Most people don’t realize the importance of getting adequate sunshine. A healthy level of Vitamin D is vital for physical and mental well-being.

When practicing my self-care, I notice a considerable difference in my skin. I believe exercise, nutrient-dense foods and good sleep largely contribute to a good complexion. Skincare rule number one: I always end my day with a clean face, whether I do a full skincare routine or not. I don’t typically wear much makeup — cream bronzer and blush, some lip gloss and brow gel are my must-haves — but when shopping for skincare, I always stick to brands with clean ingredients.

The key to a consistent routine is finding the foods that make your body feel good, the exercise you enjoy doing and beauty and hair products that complement the unique features you already embody.

Living Libations Best Skin Ever Rose Cleanser and Moisturizer

Available at

This is my favorite oil cleanser/moisturizer. Made from well-sourced essential oils with a high concentration of pure rose otto oil to help increase skin tightness, this product cleanses and balances skin tone while keeping your lipid barrier intact. From the smell to the feel to the hydration, this product is so luxurious.

Trader Joe’s Spa Face Wash with Tea Tree Oil

Available at Trader Joe’s

I stumbled upon this by accident when I found myself out of town without my face wash; I grabbed this gem and I have loved it ever since. It cleanses without stripping the skin of moisture. Even though it is an oil cleanser, it leaves no residue and it keeps my complexion clear.

Eminence Stone Crop Oxygenating Fizzofoliant

Available at Skincare Butik

I love the Eminence line for its clean and quality ingredients. This exfoliator is gentle enough to use multiple times per week, and comes in a huge bottle that lasts for a long time. I find this product helps to brighten my skin tone and reduces signs of aging.

Merit Beauty Bronze Balm Sheer Bronzer

Available at Sephora

This is a staple in my makeup bag. Honestly, I love most of the Merit makeup line. It’s so blendable and sheer that it gives a “sun-kissed beauty” kind of glimmer. During the summer I usually swipe some over my eyelids and blend in to give my makeup an extra summery glow.

NYX Professional Makeup The Brow Glue Laminating Setting Gel

Available at Ulta

I can’t be out without my brows in place! I tint my eyebrows every three weeks, and it has been a game-changer for me. I use this gel to comb them out every morning to keep them looking their best all day long.

Aluram Curl Foam

Available through Lysette Pope

at Salons by JC

Other curly girls ask me all the time what products I put in my hair to hold the curl — this has become a new favorite. It helps shape my curl while keeping it bouncy and soft. No crunchy curls here.

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