Monarch Boutique Owner Shares Her Go-To Beauty Routine

Karla Delgado-Huard Shares Her Go-To Beauty Routinee

Monarch Boutique owner, Karla Delgado-Huard, talks about the importance of a consistent routine, self-care and ultimately, self-love

Monarch Boutique owner Karla Delgado-Huard shares her go-to beauty routine.

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Self-care is a way to build self-love; it is the core that enables us to be strong women, mothers, entrepreneurs and friends. Between being a wife to an ambitious partner, a mom to a very charismatic, bubbly 8-year-old daughter who watches my every move and now a business owner of Monarch Boutique, it is important to maintain my health physically and mentally.

My self-care regimen varies day to day: Some days I can do all the steps and other days I’m running out the door barefaced, praying my gas light isn’t on and struggling to at least close my Apple watch stand-ring before midnight. The first step is acknowledging and accepting that I can’t be 100% all the time. On my best days, I’m able to blow-dry my hair, drink a gallon of water, ride eight miles on the Peloton, read and reply to unread messages and make it to work and soccer practice on time.

Monarch Boutique owner Karla Delgado-Huard shares her go-to beauty routine.
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Keeping physically active positively drives the tempo of my mood. Whether it’s attending an F45 class, taking an indoor bike ride or walking the dogs, completing any kind of physical activity is fulfilling. I bring out my inner vibrance by focusing on routines that provide mental clarity and build confidence. A perfect end to my day is getting cozy on the couch with a good book or catching up on a new documentary with a glass of wine while everyone is asleep.

I live my life in a rush, and being 34, I have a morning and nighttime routine that can’t be ignored. These products keep my routines simple and relaxing while helping me find a consistent balance with my everyday life.

Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage

Available at Sephora

This instant cooling roller-ball helps under-eye areas feel refreshed and hydrated, and brightens the eye area over time. This is a morning must for me.

Lush Imperialis Moisturizer & Breath of Fresh Air Toner

Available at Lush Cosmetics

Imperialis helps skin find balance and brightens any dullness. Breath of Fresh Air cools and hydrates stressed-out complexions, calms redness and is alcohol-free. These two products are a glass of water for my skin. I carry the toner in my purse and spray my face throughout the day.

Kopari Exfoliating Crush Scrub

Available at

This earth-friendly exfoliator is packed with aloe vera, brown sugar and Tahitian coconut shell to buff out the dryness. The organic coconut oil leaves your skin hydrated and smoother than ever — this is a must for me before shaving.

ZO Skin Health – Anti-Aging Kit

Available at Aspire Aesthetics & Wellness

This kit has become a part of my holy grail nighttime routine and has everything I need in one package. It includes an exfoliating cleanser, polish, renewal pads, moisturizer and serum. I needed a medical-grade skincare program, and I found the perfect one.

Jo Malone London Nectarine Blossom & Honey

Available at Dillard’s

A perfect everyday scent, it’s light, soft and sweet with notes of peach, honey and cassis. Wild Bluebell and Earl Grey & Cucumber are two of my other favorite scents — it’s truly impossible to pick one.

Tula Protect & Glow Sunscreen and Prime Your Life Primer

Available at Ulta

This is the best daily SPF 30 sunscreen I have come across; its gel-like formula leaves you with a gorgeous, protected glow. A good SPF is essential with or without makeup, and this primer adds a wonderful base for the days I do wear a full face of makeup.

COLOR WOW Dream Coat Supernatural Spray

Available at 

This anti-frizz formula leaves hair smooth and glossy, blocks humidity and is a great addition when it’s time to blow-dry. Also, it smells amazing.

Ilia Multi-Stick in Lady Bird

Available at Sephora

This multi-stick is an easy application for the days I don’t feel like doing too much. Its natural and luminous finish works perfectly on my lips, cheeks and nose for a sun-kissed glow.

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