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Back in the Game

Scott M. Easley, M.D., Fellowship Trained and Board Certified in Sports Medicine, brings a drive and passion for helping people return to doing what they love around the Coastal Bend.

By: Jordan Regas  Photos by: Rachel Benavides

It’s a puzzle you have to put together,” says Scott M. Easley, M.D. about Sports Medicine. He values spending the amount of time necessary with each patient to diagnosis them accurately. Most of his patients have already seen their primary doctor yet questions and concerns remain

regarding their pain and treatment.

Dr. Easley completed his fellowship training at John Peter Smith in Arlington, Texas and attended American University of the Caribbean School of Medicine and Oklahoma State University. His special training in Sports Medicine allows him to examine patients with more detail. He takes the physical examine very seriously and is personally invested in hearing what people have to say.

After medical school, Dr. Easley developed a passion for Sports Medicine during a short stint as a Personal Trainer prior to his residency. He has always been a fan of sports and athletics. He participated in basketball, tennis, and martial arts in his high school years. Most of his patients
are not athletes; however, they want to get their quality of life back, be it gardening, going on walks, or playing sports on the weekends.

Dr. Easley has training in procedural injections including ultrasound and fluoroscopic guidance. His goal is to prevent patients from having surgery by taking conservative measures. He is grateful to be a part of a group like South Texas Bone and Joint that easily allows him to refer his patients to the orthopedic surgeons should the need for surgery arises.

Dr. Easley thoroughly enjoys living in the Coastal Bend as it reminds him of the time he spent in the Caribbean. He is happy to call this wonderful community his new home. His background includes thrilling experiences as a team Physician for Texas Christian University and Ring Side Physician for Golden Gloves Boxing and Mixed Martial Arts, but what brings him the most joy is the look on his patient’s face when they are pain free. “That is really where the gratification comes from, you get to help people every day,” says Dr. Easley.

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